Pumps handle peaks loads of 400 bar

Cuts fuel consumption.

Hawe Hydraulics’ V40M-028H axial piston pump is ideal for hydraulic fan controls in mobile machines, capable of displacing volumes up to 28 cm³/rev.

It handles maximum operating pressures of 380 bar and peak loads of 400 bar. An optional P1R1 controller helps the pump comply with emission stipulations defined by Tier 4 Final and Euro 6 standards.

The controller continually adjusts the pump so the fan’s cooling output is fine-tuned to the temperature of the machine’s engine. It increases pressure in the event of power failure to protect against overheating.

The pump mounts directly to a diesel engine and takes up little space with a width of just 5.2 in. and length of 7.2 in.

Multiple fans can be deployed independently depending on the installation space within the machine and cooling needs.

By continuously adjusting the cooling output, the hydraulic control also activates the fan once the machine’s engine reaches its operating temperature. In cold temperatures, the fan doesn’t activate, cutting down on fuel consumption and noise emissions.

Hawe is a manufacturer of industrial hydraulic components based in Charlotte, NC.

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