PowerFlex simplifies safety design

Torque-off option.

07RockwellPowerFlex7000driveA safe torque-off option built into the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium-voltage drive from Rockwell Automation simplifies safety design while meeting the demands of international safety standards.

When a safe torque-off command is issued, the PowerFlex 7000 drive immediately removes rotational power to the motor. The drive stays powered and reliably monitors this “safe” state, ensuring no unintended operation of the motor is possible.

The safe torque-off option works side by side with the drive’s control functions and does not require additional electromechanical components and the wiring that goes with them. Safety triggers – such as push buttons or light curtains – wire directly to the drive, removing the need for additional hardware.

PowerFlex 7000, used in industrial applications such as material-handling conveyors and grinding mills, is TÜV-certified. It’s also certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 of IEC 6150, and Performance Level e (PLe), Category 3 of ISO 13849-1.

Rockwell Automation, based in Milwaukee, Wis., makes automation equipment and systems.

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