Picoammeters eliminate uncertainities

Auto-zero function.

302_saelig_picoammetersSaelig Co. Inc.’s AMETRIX 10x picoammeters with built-in voltage bias are USB-connected and low-current measurement devices for DC currents from 20 pA to 1 mA. Use them for low electrical currents in optoelectronics, ion and electron beam monitoring and materials resistance testing.

The picoammeters, which include a 0 to ±10 V low-voltage bias supply, combine fast and accurate measurements with ranges, resolution and accuracy. Response times are fast for applications that don’t need a bias source.

They operate between 2 nA to 20 mA full scale with 1 fA and 6½ digit resolution. An auto-zero function keeps the input burden voltage as close to zero as possible to compensate for time and temperature-induced drifts. All models float up to ±300 V from earth ground, for accurate high-side-current measurements.

Solid-state range switching eliminates uncertainties with electromechanical relays associated with older designs.

The compact (10 x 8.5 x 1.7 in.), lightweight (0.95 lb.) units are equipped with a USB 2.0 interface and a software package for control, display, data logging and statistical analysis functions. Powerful APIs for data acquisition and control are also supplied, with support for user-written software in Visual Studio, LabVIEW, or other languages using the IVI-compliant driver.

Voltages are monitored by the measurement system to verify accuracy. This bias supply is for silicon photodiodes and avalanche photodiodes, characterizing the low current regions of semiconductors, and high-megohm resistance measurements.

A digital I/O interface is configured to drive selected pins based on measurement levels for triggering alarms or binning components. Users control eight TTL I/O lines via scripted commands or user interface buttons. A SyncBus synchronizes multiple instruments and associated communications to reduce operating system latencies. Arming and triggering options are compatible with mainstream products, such as switching systems, DMMs and component handlers controlled by user-written software.

Saelig is a manufacturer of test and measurement products based in Fairport, NY.

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