Panic button for lone workers

Emergency Alerts app from ZelloWorks.

July 16, 2019   by PLANT STAFF

Press button for crisis situation. PHOTO: ADOBE STOCK

Workers in manufacturing or other heavy industrial settings using ZelloWorks who operate solo or are deskless can now add a panic button feature to the app.

Zello Inc., provider of the push-to-talk “walkie talkie” voice messaging app widely used by consumers, is expanding its presence in the industrial space with Emergency Alerts.

ZelloWork users in crisis situations simply press a button to send (with high priority) a location and an audio recording to a designated emergency channel. Doing so immediately shares the nature and details of the emergency to all appropriate parties who can then respond accordingly.

Once the initiator of the emergency is no longer in distress, the alert is dismissed. Everything that occurs on the app during an emergency is recorded, providing a valuable record of the event that transpired.

Add-on cost is $2 per user, per month.

This article appears in the April 2019 print issue of PLANT Magazine.

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