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Tech Centre Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
April 16, 2018  

Developing smarter tires: Goodyear’s next-gen concepts for autonomous vehicles

The spherical Eagle 360 Urban and IntelliGrip Urban advance real-time tire intelligence.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
April 13, 2018  

Bearing advances add to lifespan and performance

Test improvements to ensure your applications will benefit.

Tech Centre Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
February 8, 2018  

Your new lube plan: Be proactive with a focus on reliability

INVISITA rebuilds its Victoria plant’s system and improves efficiency while lowering costs

Tech Centre Manufacturing Technology
December 5, 2017  

3D-printed device builds better nanofibres

Printed nozzle system could make uniform, versatile fibres at much lower cost.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
October 24, 2017  

Improve your manufacturing productivity with AGVs

They automate repeatable tasks; customizable and adaptable to changing production lines.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
October 24, 2017  

Great Little Box Co. bolsters its operations with new packaging machines

BC company invests in new printing press, label converter and label laminator.

Tech Centre Manufacturing Operations Production Technology
August 22, 2017  

Achieve stronger pipe joints: seven tips for effective weld purging

Protecting the underbead from oxidation ensures high-quality welds.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
July 12, 2017  

Your industrial control system is vulnerable to cyber attack

Take stock of your assets and regularly assess vulnerabilities.

Tech Centre Food & Beverage Manufacturing General Operations Technology
July 4, 2017  

Smarten up your motors: connect with the world of IIoT

Food plant managers can retrofit most motors with smart sensors to bring their plants into the digital age.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Operations Production Sustainability Technology
June 19, 2017  

Going green at ProMat 2017: hydrogen forklifts and other solutions

The material handling and logistics show’s sustainability centre promoted energy efficiency, reusing materials and saving space.

Tech Centre Manufacturing Technology
April 16, 2017  

Develop an RBD: a tool for staying on top of technology

Dealing with changing technology in the digital age requires a lot of preparation.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
March 20, 2017  

Save your energy: getting the job done coming or going

Plant loading docks and high-speed doors combine to offer opportunities for big energy savings.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
February 13, 2017  

IBM’s Watson computer ‘gets a job’ fighting cybercrime threat

University of New Brunswick one of 40 customers beta testing the new app.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
February 5, 2017  

Bridging the gap: how industry adapts to a shortage of mid-level maintenance pros

Plants are applying a tiered approach that brings together varying skills to get the job done.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
February 4, 2017  

Sealing the deal: how Recochem ensures packaging integrity

A compact thermal imaging camera continuously monitors the quality of the chemical product manufacturer’s cardboard boxes.