Packer provides a tight seal

Up to 30 cycles per minute.

284_standardknapp_333VanguardStandard-Knapp’s 333 Vanguard Wrap-Around Packer produces a tight, square, cost-saving wrap-around tray or full case shipper at speeds up to 30 cycles per minute.

It handles a range of products, such as cans, cartons, and bottles (glass or plastic), as well as multi-packs, tubs, and aseptic packs, fits most shop floors and operates 24/7.

Snap-in parts and quick-handle adjustments simplifies changeovers.

Pneumatically-controlled top and side actuation controls compression to protect delicate products. Product comes in directly over the tray blank to eliminate side push and unnecessary impact.

A welded tube frame and interlocked doors provide a steady platform and improve worker safety, while walk-by maintenance is easy thanks to clear Lexan safety guards.

The unit’s electrical panel is equipped with program controls, servo drives, pneumatic controllers, and safety-system monitoring. Both the electrical and operator panels can be remote-mounted.

Standard-Knapp is a manufacturer of packaging machinery based in Portland, Conn.

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