Nozzles deliver pressures up to 100 psi

Concentrated flat-fan pattern, loops.

389_BEX_airwishnozzle_-112BEX’s Airwisk nozzle produces a quiet, fast and concentrated flat-fan pattern of air to maximize cooling, drying and blow-off applications, while reducing energy costs.

The air stream is produced by discharging air through recessed orifices that produce a high-impact, high-accuracy flow. The nozzle is made of tough ABS material, rated at 150 degrees C with a maximum pressure of 100 psi.

Several mounting holes ensure accurate alignment. The nozzles mount individually or side by side, which increases coverage.
The nozzle’s capacity ranges from 9.5 at 20 psi to 32.1 at 100 psi.

BEX is a manufacturer of spray nozzles based in Ann Arbor, Mich.

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