Near infrared digital high-speed imaging

July 29, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Phantom ir300 Provides Extended Spectral Response Beyond Visible Light.
Photo: Vision Research

WAYNE, NJ: Need to see what’s going on in near infrared (NIR) spectrum lighting conditions?

Vision Research, a Wayne, NJ-based manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, has added a high-speed camera to its line-up that images fast-action events occurring beyond visible light into the (NIR) spectrum.

But the Phantom ir300 isn’t a thermal imaging camera.

It has a specially engineered 800×600 CMOS sensor that extends sensitivity beyond the usual 600 nm to a point greater than 800 nm, giving the camera a usable range to about 1100 nm. This allows users to shoot high-speed video even in complete darkness.

If illumination is required, rather than using visible light NIR light sources such as lasers or 850 nm wavelength LED lights can be used.

The Phantom ir300 can capture images between 6,688 fps and 190,000 fps, depending upon resolution, exposure adjusts to as short as 2 microseconds. Additional features include:

• 14-bit image depth
• 4800 ISO monochrome (in the visible spectrum)
• Continuously adjustable resolution in 32×8 increments
• Global on-chip shuttering to 2 microseconds
• Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR) and Auto Exposure
• 8 GB or 16 GB versions
• IRIG-B timing capture, modulated or unmodulated, IRIG lock with phase shift
• Video output (NTSC, PAL, HD-SDI)
• Gb Ethernet control
• Automated continuous recording for remote, unmanned operation
• Optional external mechanical shutter for hands-off black references
• Optional Canon EOS lens mount for remote lens control

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