MU TECH handles multi-milling applications

High power, low speed.

February 16, 2015   by PLANT Staff

133HuronMutechHuron’s MU TECH 6 entry-level 3-axis milling machine with a 600-mm table is equipped with an electrospindle as standard and operates in 3+2 axis mode.

It delivers high power at low speed for rough cutting of large parts at service class S1 (starting at 3,000 rpm) and at service class S6 for 40% of the time at 2,200 rpm, with finishing operations in 5-axis mode at high speed.

The high-speed electrospindle with a rotary head (B-axis) provides 23 kW of power with 75 Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. The +30 degree/-120 degree rotation allows general mechanical components to be machined vertically and horizontally. Continuous head rotation is achieved by a play-free system that also allows all possible 5-axis shaping applications.

Each axis is driven by large-diameter high-performance ball screws and all movements are controlled by encoders to ensure accuracy to within one one-hundredth of a millimetre along the three axes.

The maximum linear speed is 30 m/min.

Like the other machines in the Huron range, the MU TECH’s structural components are made of heavily ribbed cast iron to substantially dampen vibrations and ensure a high level of machining stability.

MU TECH can be equipped with an optional rotary table integrated in the stationary table, other spindles, a 40- or 60-station tool changer, through-tool coolant and workpiece and tool touch probes.

Huron Graffenstaden SAS is a French manufacturer of machining centres with Canadian offices in St. Laurent, Que.

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