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Real-time tech covers asset and facilities.

July 25, 2019   by PLANT STAFF

IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology applied. PHOTO: ADOBE STOCK

Traditionally, building automation and facility management have been independent of each other resulting in significant operational inefficiencies. But there’s a growing need to meet environmental and regulatory compliance.

Kontrol Energy Corp. is extending its IoT technology solutions into the global asset and facilities management space to turn those inefficiencies around.

The Vaughan, Ont.-based energy efficiency specialist employs IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology to deliver end-to-end facilities management with real-time building data management, centralized asset performance, fault detection, predictive analytics and corrective workflow.

Benefits include streamlined manufacturing processes, workforce efficiency, longer asset life, enhanced energy savings, operating cost reductions and labour optimization.

This article appears in the April 2019 print issue of PLANT Magazine.

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