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143_saeligkdmon_modemSaelig Co. Inc.’s KDMON system monitoring device checks various industrial equipment’s electrical signals of industrial equipment. This includes data such as analogue voltages between -30 to +30 V, analogue currents from 4 to 20 mA, the presence or absence of data on an RS485 bus, the contents of registers in an RS485 MODBUS Slave device, or a relay contact closure. The device then relays signals by SMS text message, e-mail or fax.

It also acts as a protocol-independent communications monitor to trigger an alarm upon a specific byte sequence, or a lack of bus activity. This function works on two-wire RS485 or a 4-wire RS485 or RS422 system.

Users are able to configure a range of alarm conditions and notification via a serial configuration port (RS232 or USB via converter cable) using the supplied Windows-based configuration program and an external modem. Modem type depends on the notification required. SMS transmission requires an external GSM modem (industrial or data-capable GSM, or a satellite phone) that supports the GSM/Hayes command set.

SMS features triggering of simulated alarms, resetting alarms, and setting KDMON real time clock or SMS to an e-mail gateway for system testing.

Transducer current is passed through a 47 ohm resistor and the voltage drop across it is measured using a 12-bit A-D converter. KDMON provides an unregulated -20 V output and relay output is a normally-open isolated contact that closes when an alarm occurs, opening after a programmed time or when the alarm is cleared.

The monitoring devices require a 7-35 VDC, 300 mA power supply and operate in temperatures between -20 to 50 degrees C. It clips to a standard 35-mm DIN rail and is housed in a 1.2 x 4.5 x 3.8-in. case.

Saelig is a supplier of test and measurement and control products based in Fairport, NY.

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