Models added to Abaque line

Rotational motion pumping action.

August 8, 2015   by PLANT Staff

05MouvexAbaqueHD65Mouvex, a manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, has added models to its Abaque peristaltic line for the chemicals industry that feature a stronger, durable rotor and an innovative hose holding system.

These self-priming pumps run in forward or reverse with suction-lift capabilities to 25.5 ft. (9 m), and can run dry without adversely affecting performance, pressure and accuracy.

They’re made of ductile iron and stainless steel, and deliver discharge pressure up to 217 psi (15 bar).

Pumping action is achieved with the compression of a circular loop of elastomeric hose and two diametrically opposed rotating shoes that forces the fluid to move ahead of each shoe. When each shoe reaches the end of the loop, the reinforced hose immediately returns to its original shape, ensuring suction and priming, and creating a strong vacuum pulling more fluid inside.

Hoses are made of natural rubber, Buna-N, EPDM and Hypalon.

The pumps come in 13 sizes with flow rates ranging from 15 to 77,000 l/hr (.07 to 339 gpm).

Mouvex is part of PSG, a Dover company, based in Auxerre, France. Dover Corp. is based in Downers Grove, Ill.

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