Lift 2 tons with one finger

February 10, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Wireless CER magnet for heavy lifting.

Photo: CER

Walker Magnetics has elevated magnets to a new level with the world’s first and only Circular Electric Lift Magnets (CER) using IR wireless remote.

The company says deep magnetic penetration makes the six CER models less susceptible to adverse surface conditions than other self-contained magnets.

Use them for in-plant handling of steel plate, flat stock, castings, forgings or machined components in all types of industrial plants, machine shops, fabricating shops and steel warehouses.

The wireless remote makes them safer to use. No more climbing on a load to switch it on or off. You can do it easily and safely from up to 15 feet away. On-board push buttons attract and release work pieces when desired and the release is a two-button design for added safety in both the remote and the on-board rectifier. The CER won’t lift if the contact isn’t secure. And it can’t shut off accidentally when a lift is in progress.

Walker Magnetics Group is a Worcester, Mass. manufacturer of magnetic products for light and heavy industry

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