Grades improve tool life

Easy wear detection.

190_walter_WAL-215Walter’s Cut Tiger-tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades deliver higher metal removal rates while improving tool life, wear resistance and cutting speed.

The GX WKP13S, WKP23S and WKP33S models provide continuous cutting on bar stock to machining interrupted cuts.

They’re available in combination with UD4, UA4, UF4, RD4, GD3 and CE4 geometries. Wear-resistant cutting material delivers an increase in cutting parameters, while maintaining or improving tool life.

The thicker Tiger-tec coating with aluminum oxide and optimized microstructure maximizes crater wear resistance and reduces friction to enhance cutting speed. A new silver flank face permits easy wear detection and full use of the cutting edge.

A second generation mechanical post-treatment creates compressive stresses, enhances toughness, reduces the chance of cracks on the cutting edge, and boosts load capability and metal removal rates.

The grades are used under good machining conditions on ISO P and ISO K materials including steels such as high grade, bearing and carbon steels.

Walter Tools is a manufacturer of metal cutting equipment based in Tübingen, Germany with US production in West Waukesha, Wis.

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