Firmware version for Meca500 robot

February 9, 2022   Maryam Farag

Photo: Electromate.

Mecademic released firmware version 8.4 for its Meca500 industrial robotic arm.

Although rotating Joint 6 beyond the ±180° has always been possible with the Meca500 R3, it was limited to Joint-move-commands. With this new firmware, both point-to-point and linear commands can now be used outside of this limit.

Meca500 is used for dispensing, capping, testing, and any other application that requires moving Joint 6 beyond the previous default limits. A new configuration parameter is introduced, to specify the desired turn for joint 6.

It is possible to lower the torque limits of individual joints. This is set as a percentage of the maximum possible torque available to each joint. This feature comes with configurable events as per the application’s requirements.

Real-time monitoring data is now released as an official feature. Real-time data allows users to stream data in real-time (up to 1ms) over port 10 001 in TCP/IP. The data is also user-configurable (positions, torques, velocities, etc.).



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