Fabric enclosure contains plant environmental issues

July 7, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Fabric wall system controls temperature, heat, humidity, sound, odour, dust and fumes.

Photo: Zoneworks

MILWAUKEE, Wis.: When an environmental issue arises in the plant or warehouse, Zoneworks has a fabric wall system that will contain the area.

Zoneworks, a Milwaukee, Wis. manufacturer of modular enclosures, builds its systems to meet specific requirements that allow the control of temperature, heat, humidity, sound, odour, dust, fumes and other elements.

The reconfigurable enclosures also provide temporary product storage in internal or external, conditioned or ambient environments.

Constructed of modular vinyl panels securely connected with Velcro, they’re shaped to fit an entire open area or an individual machine. The application dictates the number of sides to an enclosure and the exact materials used, including insulating materials if required. Custom engineering ensures a proper fit around corners and obstructions.

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