Encoders provide precise motion control

Multichannel 5 V outputs.

June 21, 2015   by PLANT Staff

268_Pittman_Encoder_E30Pittman Motors’ PITTMAN E30C and E30D optical incremental encoders meet volume demands of OEMs in precision-motion control applications.

The encoders, which operate within -20 to 85 degrees C, are small in diameter and have a low-profile to deliver high resolutions and multichannel 5-V outputs. Two- and-three channel versions are available in 64 configurations with resolutions of 200, 250, 256, 400 or 500 cpr.

They’re 30 x 8 mm, weigh 5.6 g and are equipped with alternate mounting arrangements. Connections are made through a locking radial or optional axial connector.

Operating frequency is 40 kHz (200 to 500 cpr). The units output two-channel TTL compatible quadrature signals, with an optional third channel index output.

Pittman, which is part of AMETEK’s precision motion control division, is a manufacturer of rotary motion products based in Harleysville, Pa.

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