Dual-range digital torquemeter replaces two sensors

June 17, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

The MCRT 79700V dual range torquemeter.

Photo: S. Himmelstein

CHICAGO: You can now avoid swapping between two or more conventional torquemeters when production switches between different products.

The MCRT 79700V dual range torquemeters from S. Himmelstein and Co. has two ranges with independent outputs and it accurately measures torque even if the ratio of peak to average torque is high. Such conditions occur when starting, stopping or reversing high inertia loads, during torsional oscillations, and in diesel and single cylinder engine/compressor drivelines.

The manufacturer of torque measurement products based in Hoffman Estates, Ill. says under these conditions, a conventional torquemeter must be oversized to avoid damage, a process that greatly reduces accuracy.

When peak torques are unknown, the MCRT 79700V reduces the risk of damage from unexpected or accidental torque spikes.

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