Double thrust capacity to RG4

December 15, 2014   by PLANT Staff

Four-ring, high thrust option.

Four-ring, high thrust option.

Installing an extra roller bearing on Amacoil-Uhing’s Model RG3 linear drive doubles the trust capacity to RG4 without significantly increasing the size of the unit.

The centre bearing on the RG3 makes point contact with the drive shaft on two points generating maximum side thrust. However, the two outside bearings contact the shaft on just one point, which produces half the thrust capacity for each bearing. The addition of the fourth bearing adds two more bearing-to-shaft contact points.

The RG drives are available in a range of sizes with side thrust ranging from 7 to 800 lb. They’re used in equipment requiring a reciprocating linear motion component. The drives are also used in material handling systems, spraying assemblies, converting equipment and metrology/inspection machines.

Travel speed and direction are mechanically controlled, which reduces or eliminates electronic controls and programming in linear motion systems.

Eight RG3 sizes are available with the four-ring high thrust option.

Amacoil is the Aston, Pa.-based North American distributor for Uhing Co.

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