Couplings provide heavy-duty protection

Backlash-free connections.

Backlash-free connections.

Ringfeder Power Transmission’s GWS safety couplings from the GERWAH product segment are custom-built for heavy-duty needs.

Up to 12 standardized switching units are located on the outer ring of the coupling, ensuring a backlash-free connection and reliable torque transmission between input and output side. This allows a high level of flexibility in disengagement torque.

When the coupling is engaged, steel balls located within the switching units are forced into a conical detent by spring pressure. If the disengagement torque preset on the switching units is exceeded, the steel balls move out of their detent in axial direction, causing a stable separation of input and output side, which interrupts the torque transmission.

With a few steps, the overload coupling is returned to operating mode.

In addition to a coupling model with flange-hub and keyway-hub (GWS 5420), the product line includes a flexible coupling (GWS 5421) and a rigid disc coupling (GWS 5422), both with keyway-hubs on the input and the output side.

Ringfeder is a German manufacturer of power transmission products.

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