Continuous tube and bar processing

Completely automated.

September 10, 2015   by PLANT Staff

283_BLM_endmachiningBLM Group USA’s BC80 integrated CNC end machining centre is fully automated, simplifying cut to length, chamfering, facing, boring and tube threading processing.

The unit manages continuous, 24-hour production and high-volume bushing production, processing tubes up to 3.15 in. in diameter and in lengths from 0.4 to 13 in.

It’s smaller that previous BLM models, but is highly productive thanks to completely automated operation, managing chip removal and scrap handling separately.

Tube changeover adjustments are handled from a single location. The bundle loader is filled without interrupting production and handles lengths up to 40 ft.

A pendant-mounted operator console saves floor space and pivots to maximize efficiency.

It operates in several stages. The first position cuts the tube or bar to length, while the second stage is for chamfering and facing operations. The third stage handles boring, tapping or measuring.

There are large access doors on both sides for quick saw blade or tooling changes and routine maintenance.

The control is easy-to-use with menu guides for programming part dimension, material type, tooling and processing steps to optimize cutting conditions and maximize productivity.

BLM Group is a manufacturer of tube processing equipment based in Cantu, Italy.

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