Connectors prevent crosstalk

Multiple mating profiles.

August 13, 2015   by PLANT Staff

294_harting_preLink-press-photoHarting’s Ha-VIS preLink ethernet cabling system is wired to a termination block separately, then snaps securely into seven mating profiles (RJ45, PushPull RJ45, M12 D-coded, M12 X-coded, RJ45 Harting Industrial Form Factor, RJ45 Keystone and a preLink extender) for solid-stranded cable extensions and transitions.

Cabling is restricted to a single operation, whatever the intended mating profile. Wires are inserted into the preLink termination block according to colour codes. A crimping tool keeps the wires assembled precisely.

The system suits cramped spaces or junction boxes. Pre-assembled cable segments are swapped out quickly during maintenance and upgrades. It also provides future-proofing, such as installing an eight- wire cable into a four-wire format.

Re-terminations aren’t necessary when upgrades are required, such as switching from fast to gigabit ethernet. The wired termination block is moved from a 4-pole D-coded M12 to an 8-pole X-coded M12 housing quickly. Unused pairs are shielded to prevent cross-talk.

The Harting Technology Group is a connector manufacturer based in Espelkamp, Germany. Harting Canada has a sales office in Montreal.

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