Compact, low-noise gearboxes for high loads

April 20, 2021   Maryam Farag

Photo: Nanotec.

With the GP56-N series, the Nanotec product line includes low-noise planetary gearboxes for brushless DC motors and stepper motors with flange size 56 and 60 millimetres.

The helical toothing allows the teeth to mesh gradually, which results in a smoother transmission of forces so that vibrations and noise are reduced. The gearboxes are up to 10 dB quieter than conventional, straight-geared metal gearboxes.

The gearboxes are available in one-and-two-stage versions in nine different reductions between 3:1 and 35:1, and offer an output torque from 1.5 to 11.8 Nm. For use in harsh environments, the gearboxes are protected against penetration by dust and liquids according to IP54.


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