Clear fumes from breathing zones

Filtered air returned to the facility.

04levcosprayboothDuctless Spray Booth downdraft tables from Lev-Co are dual-purpose workstations and filtration stations for aerosol fumes and other airborne gases and odours.

They draw contaminants away from workers’ breathing zones without hindering movement. Contaminated air is then filtered and returned to the facility.

Applications include spray-painting with spray balms or air brushing, gluing and open cans of paint.

Features include a first-stage water filter, second-stage washable particulate filter and third-stage secondary activated carbon filter. There’s an optional fourth-stage filter for a variety of adsorption medias.

The tables are made of steel with a 22 x 25-in. footprint and a 36 x 24-in. work surface. Workstations have a 1.1 kw (1.5 hp) motor, motor starter, overload protection, plug and switch.

Lev-Co is a supplier of air pollution control products based in Port Perry, Ont.

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