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New enclosures from Naissus, Hoffman, Schroff Rittal Systems and Hammond Manufacturing.

February 11, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

Take a look at these enclosures from CIEN, PLANT’s technology section.

Drip pan channels out moisture

03EICcondesateWhether of not condensate occurs within an electronics enclosure depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. Drip pans from EIC Solutions Inc. keep electronics and other enclosure contents safe by collecting moisture and channelling it outside via an external drain.

The thermoelectric cooling units mount on the side panels of standard enclosures. Specially contoured vertical drip pans are installed to capture condensate and channel it to the drain fitting located in the bottom of the pan. Where the cooling units are mounted on the top of the enclosure, a horizontal drip pan with drain fitting is integrated into the air conditioner, and the tube carries the condensate out of the enclosure in the same way as the standard model.

The opening is weatherproofed with durable rubber grommet and waterproof sealant.

EIC Solutions Inc. is a Warminster, Pa.-based manufacturer of cooling and protection solutions for electronics and equipment.

Coolers resist heat and corrosion

EXAIR’s Dual 316 stainless steel cabinet cooler systems keep electrical enclosures cool with 20 degree F (-7 degree C) air while07Exair316Dual guarding against heat and corrosion that could adversely affect the internal components.

The coolers circulate air throughout the enclosure to prevent high temperature malfunctions. They mount through a standard electrical knockout while maintaining the NEMA 12, 4 or 4X rating of the enclosure.

An automatic drain filter separator prevents moisture from passing to the inside of the electrical enclosure and an optional thermostat control minimizes compressed air use while keeping the enclosure within ± 2 degrees F ( -18/-17 degrees C).

A high cooling capacity of up to 5,600 Btu/hr. handles large electrical enclosures and high heat loads. Other cooling capacities are 4,000 and 4,800 Btu/hr.

EXAIR Corp. is a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of compressed air-operated products.

HJ H protects against dust, water

02HammondhjHammond Manufacturing’s HJ H Series hinged-cover, metal enclosures protect electrical and electronic equipment from dust and water in industrial environments. Environmentally sealed to NEMA Type 3R, 4 (IP66), 12 and 13, and designed for wall or bulkhead mounting, the enclosures house instruments, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic controls, and work as an electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure.

Sizes range from 4 x 4 x 3 in. (100 x 100 x 75 mm) to 16 x 14 x 10 in. (400 x 350 x 250 mm). The body of the unit is fabricated from 16- or 14-gauge steel and the covers from 14-gauge, powder-coated in ANSI 61 gray. The stainless steel hardware is good for installing the units outdoors and hosing them down.

The door is fitted with a bonding stud. The body with a grounding stud and removable inner panels.

Hammond Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is an enclosure manufacturer based in Guelph, Ont.

Keep components cool

06autodirect480VACHeat inside an enclosure reduces life expectancy in controlling units such as PLCs, HMIs, and AC drives, while excessive heat causes nuisance faults from electrical and electronic components, circuit breakers and fuses. AutomationDirect has added 480 V models to its Stratus line of enclosure air conditioners to alleviate these problems.

The closed-loop cooling systems are made for harsh environments or washdown conditions, and where heavy dust and debris, or airborne chemicals are present.

The air conditioners range from 2,000 to 8,000 Btu/H, each with a freestanding rigid chassis for easy installation and maintenance. Units for NEMA 12 and 4 rated enclosures are constructed of 16-gauge cold rolled steel; and units for NEMA 4X rated enclosures are made of 16-gauge 304 stainless steel.

They fit enclosures as shallow as 12 in.

AutomationDirect is a supplier of automation products based in Cumming, Ga.

Adhesive vent raises reliability

04GoreWLGManufacturers of outdoor electronic enclosures used in the solar, telecommunications, exterior lighting and smart meter industries can now design them with normal seals and gaskets without upgrading to more costly ruggedized materials.

W. L. Gore & Associates’ Series VE9 adhesive vent increases the reliability of outdoor electronic enclosures that are commonly exposed to changing weather and environmental conditions.

Made of ePTFE with durable adhesive, it mounts on either the interior or exterior of the housing, depending on protection rating needs.

It also withstands water, dust, dirt, rain and other harmful liquids, which often cause problems for non-vented outdoor enclosures.

Gore is a manufacturer industrial manufacturing components based in Newark, Del.

Variety from standard elements

Create complex control desks from standard parts with the Series 2000 modular console system from Hammond Manufacturing. 01HammondSeries2000RAL7035 light grey or stainless steel units stack in multiple combinations to support equipment and display required functions.

Standard widths include: 24 in., 36 in., 48 in. and 60 in. The base unit comes with either single or dual access; a desk unit with internal access via a lift-up sloping surface; and the turret unit has an angled front face with front/rear access.

A stand-alone console unit is also available. Accessories include electrical mounting panels, 19-in. mounting rails, DIN mounting rails swing frames, cable entries and gas struts. RAL7035 light grey units meet NEMA Type 3R, 4 and 12 standards, and are rated to IP66.

Stainless steel versions meet NEMA 4X for various hose-down or corrosive environments.

Cools data centres, saves energy

ntms30-rackThe NTMS30 Rack from Naissus Thermal Management Solutions saves energy as it cools data centre servers.

The liquid cooled, closed loop cabinet places the air to water heat exchanger, fans (on the back door) and servers in one cabinet, creating the shortest possible air path to ensure fans consume the least amount of power.Air inside the cabinet is separated into cold and warm sections to prevent warm air recirculation.

This also minimizes airflow rate and reduces power consumption.

The design of the heat exchanger ensures there is an ideal cold air temperature in front of the servers.

Naissus, a Toronto-based designer and manufacturer of high thermal density products and infrastructure systems for data centres, notes the low temperature difference between chilled water and cooling air maximizes free cooling periods to significantly improve performance of the chilled water plant.

Protect electronics and instruments

Schroff’s NOVASTAR 19-in. aluminum cabinets accommodate virtually any configuration for rack-mounted electronics and instruments. Standard models cover two distinct caseloads: Slim Line and Heavy Duty, to support loads between of 200 and 400 kg.

The platform is also available in heights from 16U to 47U and comes in a range of sizes.

Assembly is tool-free with a quick-connect fastening system, multiple mounting options and design features for custom configurations.

Industrial applications include laboratory test and analysis equipment, and OEM test and measurement.

Schroff is a global business unit of Pentair Technical Products in Minneapolis, Minn. that makes electronics packaging.

Simplify with a free-standing system

02RittalSE8_2Rittal System Ltd.’s SE8 enclosure sets keep it simple. The freestanding system is fully compatible with the TS 8 top enclosure system for a variety of configurations.

Typical uses are compact machinery and equipment, power distribution and automation systems, which can be accommodated in a single enclosure.

The Mississauga, Ont.-based company describes the SE8’s body as two side panels and a roof made from one piece of sheet steel.

Cable entry works on the integrated base frame as it does the TS 8 bayed system. Larger-width single enclosures can be used instead of two to three bayed enclosures. Automatic potential equalization of the body with the rear panel and gland plates also reduces costs.

Special contact elements establish a secure electrical connection and eliminate the need for separate earth straps.

The enclosure comes in heights of 1,600, 1,800 and 2,000 mm, depths of 400, 500 and 600 mm, and widths of 600 to 1,800 mm.

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