CIEN: What’s new in connectors and fittings

New connectors and fittings from Harting, Binder USA and VICI Valco.

February 26, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

Take a look at these connectors and fittings from CIEN, PLANT’s technology section.

Shaft mount components take the heat

47_151201Stafford Manufacturing Co.’s thermoplastic shaft collars, couplings and flange mounts withstand frequent washdowns and exposure to chemicals.

Developed for processing equipment and conveyors, the shaft mount components are machined from Teflon, Delrin, nylon and other thermoplastics and supplied with stainless steel clamping screws.

They include one- and two-piece shaft collars, set-screw collars, hinged shaft collars, one- and two-piece couplings and flange mounts.

Stafford Manufacturing is a manufacturer of shaft collars and couplings based in Wilmington, Mass.

Circuit board connectors plug in

HARTING’s Han-Fast Lock circuit board connector joins tried and true Han connectors to a circuit board without additional 12_34HartingHanFastcomponents or the need to solder connections.

That allows PCB manufacturers to connect up to 60 A to a board and optimize space. The PCB has one drilled hole and a pad. The inner surface of the plated, drilled contact hole serves as the interface.

The Han-Fast Lock is simply inserted into the contact hole. The locking pin is pushed in, securing the contact into position. Han-Fast also supports SMD assembly of the PCB. It takes up to a 10 mm2/7 AWG wire.

The HARTING Technology Group, a manufacturer of connectivity devices, has a Canadian office in Montreal.

Crimp terminations boost productivity

11_23_M16_CrimpBinder-USA’s M16 connectors with crimp terminations are simple to assemble and are well suited for high-production industrial and commercial applications.

They’re available in straight and right-angle cable connectors and mating front- and rear-mount receptacles.

Male and female connectors are offered in five- to eight-pin versions and accept individual contacts for wire sizes of 26-24 AWG or 22-20 AWG and install with standard crimp tooling.

Binder-USA is manufacturer of connectors based in Camarillo, Calif.

Fittings handle extreme pressures

VICI Valco’s 360 µm high-pressure fittings directly connect 360 micron OD fused silica, PEEK, stainless, or electroformed nickel15Valco.360HPFittings tubing without liners. Their compact size and fine 2-56 threads create a sealed connection at pressures in excess of 20,000 psi.

They come with a PEEK nut that includes a glass-filled ferrule and a stainless nut with a 316 SS ferrule.

Both snap into place to make one-piece, but rotate without twisting the tube as the nut is tightened.

VICI Valco, based in Houston, manufactures components and equipment for analytical applications. The company has Canadian support operations in Brockville, Ont.

Connectors handle tough conditions

HARTING-Han-Eco-broadcast-applicationHarting has broadened its range of Han-Eco connectors with improved housings, available in four Han-Eco sizes with one or two cable inlets.

32 cable fittings for sizes 6B and 10B and M40 for sizes 16B and 24B are supplied. The robust housings are made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic, making them highly resistant to harsh environments.

The Han-Eco is configurable with a number of Han-Modular modules to carry power, signals or data. An optional protective earth (PE) module holds the ground connector.

All metal parts are connected to the ground conductor to prevent accidents.

When the connector is closed and locked, it provides IP65 protection and meets the UL94 Class V0 flammability requirements.

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