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April 26, 2012   by PLANT STAFF

Emerson Process Management’s Mobreyhorizontal magnetic float level switcheshave been certified IEC61508 by Exidato attain safety integrity level (SIL) 1 fora single device and SIL 2 for a pair of devices.

The switches are now covered bythe required failure modes, effects anddiagnostic analysis (FMEDA) report by
the international standard for electrical,electronic and related technologies. They’re typically used in the oil and gas, power, refining and chemical industries for high and low liquid level alarm, overfill alarm and pump control duties.

Certified switches make it easier to design and implement a safety system for process applications that comply with the functional safety standard. Emerson says magnetic coupling delivers reliable operation even in extreme pressure and temperature environments. Measurements are unaffected by changes in process temperature, dielectric or the presence of vapours. There are a range of flanges, floats and switching outputs
for all types of liquid level applications, but no glands or linkages that could cause leaks, or springs that require maintenance.

The snap action mechanism ensures a clean make or break of the switch contacts and a hermetically sealed switch mechanism to eliminates freezing and corrosion of contacts and moving parts.

Emerson is a manufacturer of automation products based in Austin, Tex. 9

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