Baldor's BE$T iPhone app

March 18, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

Baldor’s BE$T iPhone app.

Photo: Baldor

FORT SMITH, Ark.: Here’s a neat app for your iPhone. In fact, the Baldor Electric Co. says it’s the “BE$T.”

The Fort Smith, Ark.-based manufacturer of energy saving motors, power transmission and generators says its aptly named desktop program calculates an existing motor’s annual electricity usage based on its nominal efficiency. It then compares that efficiency to Baldor’s Standard-E and Super-E premium efficiency motors and recommends by catalogue number the appropriate Baldor motor for the application.

Want to know the payback period? It tells you that too, in months. And it also calculates the savings on a group of motors when they’re all changed over to the Baldor products.

There’s more: the software is also capable of calculating and comparing yearly electrical savings when a variable speed drive is used verses a constant speed motor, plus you get annual CO2 foot print reductions. 

The BE$T iPhone application is available from iTunes and can be located by searching “baldor.” It’s also available in CD-ROM format or downloadable from the company web site.

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