Avoid power issues with point-of-use protection

STV25K surge protector guards against damaging transients.

March 9, 2021   by PLANT STAFF

Maximizes panel space.

Machine downtime is the single largest source of lost production, typically accounting for almost 5% of factory losses, so it’s best to avoid issues related to power quality.

The STV25K surge protector from Emerson provides point-of-use coverage against damaging transients at the dedicated equipment level.

Install it in electronic control cabinets on the factory floor or at a remote location to provide all-mode protection on all electrical paths.

A compact and narrow design maximizes panel space, and the device installs quickly thanks to easy-access terminal screws.

It provides 25,000 A of surge protection and its thermal fusing prevents MOV overheating caused by excessive current levels.

Emerson Canada Ltd., based Richmond Hill, Ont., is part of the US-based global technology and engineering company.



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