Air-power for risky environments

Twin venturi vacuum.

01vacumax55Vac-U-Max’s 55-gal., air-powered industrial vacuum (Model 40013), for environments where there’s a risk of fire or explosions, is completely grounded and bonded to meet the NFPA 70 requirements. Because it doesn’t use electricity, it doesn’t generate heat during operation.

The twin venturi power unit delivers suction power to 16 in. Hg (208 in. water); airflow of 200 scfm; a 2-in. suction connection; air operation requiring 70 scfm @ 60 psi compressed air; a compressed air connection of ¾ in. NPT (female); and noise levels below 80 dbA @ 6 in. Hg.

A static conductive high-pressure 0.75 x 25 in. long hose connects the power head to a compressed air supply.

Vac-U-Max is a manufacturer of pneumatic components based in Belleville, NJ.

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