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November 9, 2020  

EU moves ahead with tariffs on US but hopes for Biden change

Trade action traded between US and EU over support for aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Economy General
October 14, 2020  

EU can put tariffs on $4B of US goods over Boeing support: WTO

One of the largest penalties handed down by the global trade organization, considering which products to target.

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October 8, 2020  

Why trade restrictions must be eliminated during COVID-19’s second wave

Nearly 100 countries enacted temporary restrictions or bans on the export of medical products.

News Government General
September 29, 2020  

Canada’s “me first” COVID-19 vaccine strategy may come at the cost

Elevating national interests over global health slows progress and limits global capacity to pool resources, with devastating effects.

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September 28, 2020  

US appeals softwood ruling to WTO appeals body it rendered inoperative

It has collected almost $3 billion in illegal duties from Canadian softwood producers.

News Forestry Economy General
September 2, 2020  

Trudeau vows Canada won’t back down in softwood dispute with US

Duties imposed in 2017 claiming Canada’s regulated forestry industry amounts to an unfair subsidy for producers.

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August 25, 2020  

Canadians cheer, US denounces WTO decision on softwood lumber

Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission declared wrong in 2017 when they imposed countervailing duties.

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February 6, 2020  

Premiers to celebrate USMCA, beat back protectionism in Washington

Trump kicking the tires on a Buy American move that would pull the US out of a $1.7-trillion procurement agreement with WTO members.

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January 10, 2020  

Airbus to expand production at plant on US Gulf Coast

As part of a plan to build 63 aircraft in its A320 family of planes per month, Airbus will increase to seven airplanes monthly by early next year.

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December 12, 2019  

EU to boost measures to protect trade after WTO impasse

A proposal to change some EU trade rules will enable it to act even when the WTO can’t give a final ruling.

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December 10, 2019  

World trade without rules? US shuts down WTO appeals court

Risks rising protectionism as countries could use tariffs and other sanctions to limit imports.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
December 2, 2019  

European Union fails to end illegal subsidies for Airbus: WTO

Panel found that the EU had not taken sufficient steps to end harm to Boeing.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
October 21, 2019  

China seeks $2.4B in penalties against US at WTO

Decision says US must use “distorted Chinese prices” to measure subsidies in case that predates Trump.

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June 4, 2019  

Canada OK with EU plan to help WTO deal with Trump disruption: Carr

Alternative arbitration process would mirror the function of the Appellate Body.

News Government Manufacturing General
May 15, 2019  

US, China trade conflict was 20 years in the making

Eleven rounds of negotiations have failed to settle a dispute over Beijing’s push to challenge US technological dominance.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing Economy General
May 8, 2019  

Canada calls out China at WTO for evidence to back canola ban

Two separate inspections by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have turned up nothing.

News Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General
April 23, 2019  

US wins WTO case against China over grain exports

China can appeal the decision.

News Manufacturing General
April 9, 2019  

From jets to cheese: US wants to put new tariffs on EU [UPDATED]

Suggests a breakdown in talks with the European Union over trade.

News Manufacturing Economy General
April 2, 2019  

World trade forecasts slashed again amid US China standoff

Downgrade from 3.7% World Trade Organization forecast issued in September.

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November 19, 2018  

Future of WTO splits leaders at Asia Pacific summit

The Liberals have been championing changes to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which has drawn the ire of US President Donald Trump.

News Government General
October 23, 2018  

U.S., China on the agenda, not at the table for WTO reform talks in Ottawa

The U.S. and China won’t be in the room Wednesday when 13 countries, including Canada, gather to discuss how best to bring the WTO into the 21st century.

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September 27, 2018  

WTO cuts trade growth forecast to 3.9% for 2018

Trade body predicts a further slowing of growth in volume terms to 3.7% in 2019.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 15, 2018  

[UPDATE] China files WTO challenge to US solar tariffs, sends trade envoy to US

Says 30% tariffs announced in January violate WTO rules and improperly help US producers.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 30, 2018  

Canada to join Mexico, Japan, South Korea, EU to talk auto tariffs

Auto parts makers say Canada and other countries have little choice but to respond in kind to any US trade actions.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 23, 2018  

Canada launches NAFTA challenge of ‘illegal’ US tariffs on solar panels

Part of Trudeau government’s broader defence of the international-rules based trading order.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 16, 2018  

US hits back with WTO challenge against Canada’s retaliatory tariffs

Called countermeasures “completely without justification under international rules.”

News Economy General
July 16, 2018  

China files WTO challenge to US $200B tariff plan

Beijing looking to rally support from governments that criticized Trump for going outside the WTO to impose tariffs.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 6, 2018  

US tariffs take effect, China announces retaliation

Tariffs are on affecting a $34 billion list of American goods including soybeans, pork and electric cars.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
July 6, 2018  

WTO rules in Canada’s favour on dispute with US on glossy paper duties

Found the US Department of Commerce acted inconsistently with trade rules.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 11, 2018  

EU, IMF warn of US protectionism, back multilateral trade

Trudeau praised for “excellent preparation and chairing of this challenging summit.”

News Automotive Government Metals General
May 30, 2018  

Europe expects to be hit by US tariffs on steel and aluminum

EU has threatened retaliatory tariffs.

News General
May 16, 2018  

EU still providing illegal subsidies to Airbus: WTO

Panel found French aerospace giant hasn’t been in compliance with some of the trade body’s rules since 2011