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January 6, 2021  

Thailand to expand virus testing at factories

Expand Covid-19 testing to thousands of factories in a province near Bangkok

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January 6, 2021  

Trudeau frustrated by pace of vaccine rollout

The pace at which Covid vaccines being administered is only just starting to accelerate

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January 4, 2021  

Top CEO salaries fell in 2019

CCPA report shows CEOs pay still more than 200 times average workers

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January 4, 2021  

Canadian companies paying bonuses

Some firms even increasing them amid COVID 19

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January 3, 2021  

Two workers killed in collision at Suncor

Occurred at oilsands mine near Fort McMurray

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December 31, 2020  

Pharmacies push to join COVID 19 vaccination effort as distribution ramps up

Pharmacies are pushing to get involved in Canada’s vaccination effort,

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December 29, 2020  

Two workers killed in collision at Suncor oilsands

Mine is located near Fort McMurray, Alberta

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December 24, 2020  

Unions see opportunity as new generation of organizers emerge amid pandemic

As the pandemic has dragged on, workers from companies have joined unions this year

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December 1, 2020  

Biden names liberal econ team as pandemic threatens workers

Team also has years of experience in government and policymaking.

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November 11, 2020  

Extra income for hard hit workers may not last post-pandemic: PM

Government is watching to see how things play out before deciding on its next move.

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October 14, 2020  

Loneliness taking toll on Canadian mental health in COVID era: study

Workers who identified it as a concern had the lowest mental health score.

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August 20, 2020  

Liberals to use regs to create income support after CERB winds down

Singh called on Trudeau to extend the CERB until the end of September and present a plan to fix EI by the end of this month.

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July 7, 2020  

Rethinking the boundaries between economic life and coronavirus death

Efforts to revive the economy are redrawing the lines between who will prosper, who will suffer and who will die.

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July 2, 2020  

Tesla threatens firing if workers afraid of virus don’t return to jobs

Labour activists want state and county officials to do a better job ensuring proper safety procedures are followed at the Fremont factory.

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May 6, 2020  

Feds earmarking $77M to keep food processing industry safe

Union argues it’s still not safe inside the facilities that had coronovirus outbreaks and more needs to be done.