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November 19, 2020  

Spending restraints shouldn’t be jettisoned because of pandemic

Former budget watchdog says government should move away from spending to stimulate the economy as conditions improve.

News Manufacturing General
November 18, 2020  

Navy could get converted Davie supply ships cheaper than new: PBO

Price would be around $1.4 billion compared to $4.1 billion to build two brand-new joint support ships.

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October 29, 2020  

Innovation minister defends ‘superclusters’ following critical report

Performance fails to to live up to expectations, Bains stresses the program’s potential over a five-to-10-year timeline.

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June 11, 2020  

Extending CERB for months could double $60B budget: PBO

8.41 million people have applied for the CERB, $43.51 billion in payments made as of June 4.

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March 11, 2020  

MPs should seek ‘clarity’ from government on Trump tariff retaliation: PBO

Government is holding an extra $105 million collected on US steel and aluminum during the trade fight with the Trump administration.

News Manufacturing General
September 5, 2019  

Watchdog looks into digital anti competition practices

Competition Bureau looking at online search, social media, display advertising and online marketplaces.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 11, 2019  

Rules for new corporate ombud criticized for deferring to companies

Proposed allows companies to file complaints against groups for “unfounded” allegations of human rights abuses.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 30, 2019  

UN watchdog critical of delays with new Canadian corporate ethics ombud

Further legal review, due in June, assessing what the ombudsperson’s powers should be.

News Government Manufacturing General
December 11, 2018  

Ontario’s deficit to rise $500M to $12.3B this year: watchdog

Attributes change to Ford cancelling cap-and-trade, reversing several tax increases, weaker economic forecast.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 17, 2018  

Feds create ombudsman to keep tabs on corporate behaviour abroad

Will work towards resolving conflicts between local communities and Canadian companies.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 25, 2017  

Wynne hydro plan to cost $45B to save ratepayers $24B: watchdog

Lowered hydro bills for the next 10 years, but ratepayers will then pay higher costs for the next 20 years.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 12, 2017  

New restrictions, powers proposed for budget watchdog

Trudeau government’s changes raise concerns about the potential limits on the types of work permitted.

News Government Manufacturing General
November 4, 2015  

Big Ont. water users getting a free ride: Watchdog

Government is preparing a plan to recover more of the water management costs.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
July 29, 2015  

Utility watchdog welcomes AUC decision on TransAlta

Chandler calls it a huge win for Albertans who deserve to benefit from a fair, efficient, openly competitive market.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
July 24, 2013  

US government needs $95.51/share to break even on $49.5B GM bailout

Watchdog report says “no question” taxpayers are going to lose money on the investment.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
August 15, 2012  

23,000 Chinese cars recalled in Australia: asbestos found in parts

Carcinogen initially found in spare parts, sparking wider investigation.