Tech Centre Manufacturing General
March 22, 2021  

Funding for cleaner mine wastewater

Ecothor technology cleans and separates contaminants.

News Business Operations General Production Sustainability
January 7, 2021  

Global water resources to provide services to Nikola’s zero emission truck plant

Global Water Resources, Inc., a pure-play water resource management

News General
December 28, 2020  

Manitoba wastewater treatment plant to come summer of 2021

Selkirk community’s $35.2M facility to meet needs ‘today and into future’

News Energy General Sustainability Technology
December 8, 2020  

TransAlta acquires a stake in EMG and its wastewater technology

PurEffluent produces a biogas stream that can be used as fuel to generate electricity.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 26, 2020  

NB company’ rapid sewage test tech helps detect COVID-19 early

Device can make testing accessible to communities with limited or no access to lab facilities.

News Manufacturing Metals Minerals General Operations Sustainability Technology
September 14, 2020  

E2Metrix technology gets $4.5M boost from Natural Resources Canada

Ecothor will help clean out contaminants and solids, recycle mining wastewater.

News Food & Beverage General
August 18, 2020  

Brewery hopes to overcome ‘yuck factor’ of beer made with wastewater

The idea of making beer from wastewater started out as a joke around the boardroom table.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 19, 2019  

Concerned groups assess NS mill’s plan to pump effluent into strait

Company says if the plan is not approved, the mill will close, putting more than 300 employees out of work.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 3, 2019  

Cities urge federal leaders to wade into wastewater debate

They want to see plans to stop the dumping of toxic, feces-laden sludge into Canada’s waterways.

News Manufacturing General
August 29, 2019  

Competition bureau investigating ‘flushable’ wipes claims

Ryerson study found nearly 24 wipes labelled as flushable that did not break down after being flushed.

News Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
November 15, 2018  

Nova Scotia pulp mill expected to miss 2020 deadline to close lagoon

Under provincial legislation, the kraft pulp mill has less than 15 months to overhaul how it processes wastewater.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General Production Sustainability
May 22, 2018  

Northern Pulp says no wastewater pipe to NS waterway, no mill

Company’s plan and spotty environmental record is creating tension in Pictou.

News Manufacturing Minerals General Sustainability
January 31, 2018  

US officials consider robots to combat mine spills

Wastewater containing toxic heavy metals has been spewing from hundreds of inactive mines nationwide for decades.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

EPA to rewrite limits for coal power plant wastewater

Would allow utilities to flush wastewater containing traces of highly toxic heavy metals into lakes and rivers.

News Manufacturing General
December 2, 2016  

H2O Innovation wins three water treatment contracts worth $8M

Quebec City manufacturer will provide two membrane bioreactors and one reverse osmosis system.

News Manufacturing General
August 16, 2016  

Fetuses found at wastewater treatment plant

Remains were discovered Aug. 8.

News Manufacturing Metals Minerals General
August 10, 2015  

EPA mishap sends tainted wastewater into river

Wastewater laced with heavy metals from Colorado mine reaches New Mexico.

News General
July 2, 2015  

NB wastewater plant to get $1.6 in upgrades

Backup power system will allow it to operate during power outages.

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing General Operations
May 27, 2015  

Chinese court fines pesticide company $12M for polluting streams

Fine the largest ever for a polluter in Zhejiang province, one of the most prosperous, but also most polluted provinces in China.

Feature Food & Beverage Manufacturing General Sustainability Technology
May 5, 2015  

Project tackles antibiotic-resistant bugs

University of Regina gets $585,000 NSERC funding.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
April 29, 2015  

Brewers challenged to make beer from toilet water

Oregon wastewater treatment operator wants to highlight advanced water filtration.

Tech Centre Chemicals Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
September 8, 2014  

What’s new in pump technologies

Industrial pump technologies from KSB, Mouvex, Moyno, Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Watson-Marlow, and Jet Edge Inc.

News Manufacturing General
April 25, 2014  

Cargill faces charges over wastewater tests at beef plant

High River plant’s industrial wastewater system were allegedly falsified.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Sustainability Technology
December 19, 2013  

H2O Innovation awarded wastewater treatment contracts worth $3.2M

Projects involve design and installation of reverse osmosis and microfiltration membrane systems.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
December 4, 2013  

Canada, US waste-water groups declare war on ‘flushable’ wipes

Municipalities claim they are flushing $250 million a year because of clogging issues.

News Business Operations Operations Sustainability
November 20, 2013  

Alberta orders cleanup of coal slurry spill into Athabasca River

Coal Valley Resources and Sherritt given timelines and deadlines.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
November 11, 2013  

BioteQ places its Bisbee plant on furlough indefinitely

Joint venture with miner was not generating positive cash flow as volumes declined.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
September 6, 2013  

Caribbean nations must prepare for climate change or risk fresh water

Environmental conference warns less rain, less water in reservoirs while rising sea levels could contaminate supplies.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
July 17, 2013  

Pure Technologies wins $4.8M Miami-Dade water/wastewater deal

Will inspect and monitor portions of the system using prestressed concrete pipes.

News General
May 9, 2013  

BluMetric awarded $1.38M for water treatment in Peru

Reverse osmosis system going to industrial chemicals producer.

News General
April 12, 2013  

BioteQ Sells mobile Sulf-IX pilot plant to Newalta

Strategic partner will use the plant to apply the technology at existing and new sites.

News Oil & Gas Business Operations Production Sustainability
April 2, 2013  

ProSep awarded $1.3 million water treatment contract

System recovers oil and reconditions water for overboard discharge.