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July 22, 2020  

Canadian CEOs held to higher standard on important issues: survey

69% of Canadians want companies to address discrimination and racism.

News Manufacturing Economy General
January 31, 2020  

Manufacturing’s average November wage up 3.8% year-over-year

Ontario and Quebec contributed the most to growth that was ahead of the 2019 inflation rate of 1.95%.

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October 16, 2019  

GM and UAW reach tentative deal that could end strike

Union touts “major gains” for workers after months of bargaining.

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September 25, 2019  

Committees finish work in GM talks, top bargainers take over

Minor issues largely are resolved, focus shifts to wages, use of temporary workers and other contentious issues.

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August 14, 2019  

You need to find workers? Increase wages: Quebec’s Legault

Premier facing pressure from industry groups over reduced immigration that’s aggravating labour shortages and hurting economic growth.

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October 4, 2018  

Amazon to cut bonuses, stock benefits as it raises wages

Ecommerce giant will phase out bonuses and stock program after US$15 an hour minimum wage announcement.

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March 28, 2018  

US NAFTA proposal pushes for higher auto wages in Mexico

Formula would create incentives for car companies to pay wages far higher than the current average US$2.04 per hour.

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November 29, 2017  

Steelworkers reach a labour deal with Scapa Tapes in Renfrew

New contract includes 2% annual wage increases, higher shift premiums, introduction of a millwright apprenticeship program.

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October 25, 2017  

Mexico employers’ federation pushes for higher minimum wage

Minimum wage should be raised by 19% to the equivalent of about $5 per day.

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October 2, 2017  

Is Canada’s skills shortage real, or are businesses to blame?

Universities can’t deliver company-specific skills, they need to be acquired at the company level.

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September 8, 2017  

Labour posts ninth straight gain as jobless rate dips to 6.2%

August figures also show a long-awaited improvement in wage growth.

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September 6, 2017  

Round 2 of NAFTA talks ends with Mexican resistance over wages

Few concrete proposals made on contentious issues like dispute-resolution.

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September 4, 2017  

Mexico’s low wages are under fire at NAFTA negotiations

US and Canadian auto unions say Mexican autoworkers earn about one-ninth of average wages north of the border.

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August 11, 2017  

NAFTA negotiations could mark end of era for Mexican exports

Tightening Mexico’s labour laws and strengthening unionization could push wages up.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
August 9, 2017  

NAFTA issue: Getting Mexican workers a pay raise

Average autoworker wage in Mexico at just over $4 an hour.

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July 10, 2017  

Ontario seeks public input on $15 minimum wage

Many businesses are opposed to the wage hike, showing particular issue with the pace of its implementation.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
June 28, 2017  

Minimum wage hike ignores impact of Artificial Intelligence

Beyond the politics, there is much more to minimum wage hikes than just wanting to provide the working class with better wages.

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June 14, 2017  

Amount Canadians owe compared with income ticks lower

But debt-to-income ratio is still near a record high, StatsCan says.

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May 24, 2017  

Are 30 somethings earning more than their parents? Study says “yes”

Canadians who turned 30 between 2000 and 2014 had a family income that was equal to, or greater than what their parents earned at the same age.

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May 15, 2017  

Ontario businesses warn against major labour law changes

Chamber of Commerce says employers are particularly concerned about potential changes to unionization.

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February 6, 2017  

Wynne calls some public sector executive wage ranges ‘unreasonably high’

Could potentially lead to unacceptable salary increases; she didn’t make clear which organizations.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 8, 2016  

Government workers’ pay 10.6% higher than private-sector: study

Benefits for federal, provincial and municipal employees are also more generous.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
February 23, 2016  

US economy growing, but faces international headwinds

Economists suggest the country’s steady recovery has been uneven and left many Americans behind.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
January 19, 2016  

Corporate tax hikes reduce worker wages: study

Fraser Institute pegs a 1% increase reduces average hourly wage 0.15% to 0.24% the following year.

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August 27, 2015  

Canadian base salaries to rise 2.6%: Hay Group

Survey results show a decline since the beginning of the economic downturn.

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May 5, 2015  

Steelworkers reach three-year deal with Haley Industries

Contract will increase wages by 4.6% over the term of the agreement.

News Manufacturing General Operations Production
March 9, 2015  

Unifor, CP ratify labour agreement

Contract includes wage increases, benefits improvements and a commitment to maintaining operations.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Operations Production
February 23, 2015  

Auto worker protest at Miss. plant could open new UAW push

Is the union preparing to launch another salvo in the US deep south?

Insight Automotive Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
November 13, 2014  

UAW moves on two-tier wages

“The time has come for workers on both sides of the border to share in the auto industry’s recovery…”

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations
September 23, 2014  

Age, not gender, the new income divide in Canada: Conference Board

Average disposable income of workers between 50 and 54 is now 64% higher than that of 25- to 29-year-olds, report finds.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
September 17, 2014  

Most employees aren’t making desired salary

$50,000 seems to be a tipping point for satisfaction.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 16, 2014  

Canadian wages generally on par with US

Study says since 2008-09 crisis, differences have largely disappeared.