News Manufacturing General
September 24, 2018  

Canada requests trade panel on US uncoated groundwood paper ruling

Request will help protect the rights of Canadian producers if the North Pacific Paper appeals the ITC ruling.

News Manufacturing Metals General
July 30, 2018  

US firms seeking Trump’s steel tariff waiver face a backlash

Companies risk being forced out of business if not excused from the 25% tariff.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 19, 2018  

Auto industry cries foul as Trump moves toward car tariffs

It’s provoking a backlash among members of Congress and warnings of tens of thousands of lost jobs.

News Manufacturing Minerals General
July 19, 2018  

Canada could get caught in cross fire of US uranium investigation

Another US Commerce Department “national security” move as the sector bleeds jobs.

News Government Manufacturing General
May 28, 2018  

Trump’s trade agenda runs into reality of global geopolitics

No ‘easy wins’ as trade talks on China and NAFTA hit stumbling blocks.

News Government Manufacturing General
May 16, 2018  

US firms seek tariff relief as US and China try to mend rift

Trump raised hopes for the latest talks by striking a surprisingly conciliatory tone toward China.

News Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
April 13, 2018  

US publishers worry about pricier Canadian newsprint with new tariffs

Critics of the paper tariffs say it’s US newspapers that will ultimately be harmed.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
February 7, 2018  

Feds open to helping newsprint producers slapped with US tariff

Carr okay with a global approach similar to what the Liberal government did for the softwood lumber industry.

News Forestry Government Manufacturing General
January 10, 2018  

US newsprint duties will accelerate shift to digital: Resolute

600,000 workers in the newspaper and commercial printing sectors are at risk.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
September 28, 2017  

How the Canada vs Boeing fight began on Pennsylvania Ave.

Company is torn between two imperatives: completing the military sale with Canada and avoiding what it perceives to be a colossal mistake of its past.

News Manufacturing Metals General
September 28, 2017  

Canadian industries concerned about fallout from Bombardier tariffs

It has created uncertainty across the manufacturing sector also affecting those supplying raw materials.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
September 27, 2017  

Slapped with 220% US tariff, Bombardier doubling down CSeries sales to China

US Department of Commerce’s preliminary duty decision raises questions about the future of a key order for Delta Air Lines.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
September 27, 2017  

US Commerce Department hits Bombardier with 219% CSeries duty

Decision blows past Boeing’s requested 80% tariff; Bombardier accuses Boeing of seeking to use a skewed process to stifle competition.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
September 27, 2017  

‘America First’ shock and awe hits Bombardier: What’s next in tariff fight?

Ross touts a 48% increase from last year in anti-dumping and countervailing cases initiated by the US Department of Commerce.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing General
September 25, 2017  

US Commerce Department set to rule on Boeing, Bombardier dogfight

Case could not only endanger Bombardier’s deal with Delta and hinder future sales in the US.