News Energy General
September 22, 2021  

Arçelik joins the UN Global Compact CFO Taskforce

Arçelik A.Ş., a consumer durables and electronics manufacturer, announced

News Energy General
September 15, 2021  

Green Spark Group to host Sustainable Production Forum 2021

The Sustainable Production Forum (SPF21) will be held virtually October 25-29.

News Chemicals Energy Manufacturing Metals General Health & Safety
August 16, 2021  

Neo Performance Materials joins the U.N. Global Compact

Neo Performance Materials Inc. announced that it has become

News Energy Manufacturing General Health & Safety
June 10, 2021  

Trivium Packaging signs United Nations Global Compact Initiative

Trivium Packaging announced its commitment to the United Nations

News Government General
October 22, 2020  

Think tank appears at UN Security Council to appeal for Korvig’s release

Canada pushes for release of Kovrig and Spavor who have limited access to Canadian consular officials.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 28, 2020  

Leaders to UN: If virus doesn’t kill us, climate change will

Coronavirus has diverted resources and attention from what could have been the marquee issue.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 22, 2020  

Trump to use UN address to send strong message to China

US has slammed the Chinese Communist Party over COVID-19, election meddling, espionage.

News Manufacturing General
August 25, 2020  

UN cautions virus plasma treatment still experimental

WHO considers plasma therapy to be experimental and that it should continue to be evaluated.

News Government General
August 13, 2020  

Pandemic threatens peace and risks new conflicts: UN chief

Crisis has not moved warring parties to suspend hostilities or agree to a permanent ceasefire

News Government General
July 7, 2020  

Bob Rae named new Canadian ambassador to the UN

Succeeds Marc-Andre Blanchard following Canada’s unsuccessful effort to win a seat at the UN Security Council.

News General
June 25, 2020  

UN evaluates reports of record Arctic heat in Siberia

The area has been hit by wildfires that have driven up temperatures.

News Government General
June 24, 2020  

The UN Security Council isn’t working. Will it ever be completely reformed?

Seventy-five years later, is the Security Council still relevant in its current form?

News Government General
June 18, 2020  

Canada loses bid for seat on the UN Security Council on first vote

Second consecutive defeat in a bid for a seat on the world’s most powerful body.

News Government General
June 17, 2020  

Canada to stay engaged regardless of UN Security Council outcome: PM

It’s competing against Norway and Ireland for two seats, and the competition is expected to be heated.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 4, 2020  

Canada’s efforts to get on the UN Security Council will likely end in failure

A petition was signed by close to 150 individuals and organizations, all calling on the UN to deny Canada the coveted seat

News Government Manufacturing General
May 29, 2020  

Canada, allies condemn China on Hong Kong security law

Statement said the law is “in direct conflict” with China’s “international obligations under the principles of the legally binding” agreement.

News Government General
May 28, 2020  

Trudeau co-hosts major UN COVID-19 conference

Canada is competing for a seat on the UN Security Council next month against Norway and Ireland

News Government General
May 20, 2020  

UN Security Council needs Canada post pandemic, akin to WW2: PM

Canada is competing against Norway and Ireland for two available seats on the council.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 2, 2020  

Pandemic could shrink global economy almost 1% in 2020: UN

Decline could be even deeper if restrictions on economic activities extend into the third quarter.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
February 27, 2020  

China slams US over ‘attack’ on its candidate to UN IP body

Showdown over the leadership of the World Intellectual Property Organization is the latest face-off between the two countries.

News Government General
February 10, 2020  

Trudeau says UN Security Council seat would up Canada’s global game

Canada is up against Norway and Ireland for two spots on the council in a vote that will take place in June

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January 13, 2020  

BC human rights commissioner asks Canadian government to halt pipeline project

Believes Canada is shirking its obligations as a signatory to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 26, 2019  

Quick wins needed to keep climate goals within reach: UN

Environmental Program head calls for reductions of as much as possible in 2020.

News Government General
November 11, 2019  

UN reports increasing violations of Iran nuclear deal

Iran maintains its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

News Government Manufacturing Sustainability
November 4, 2019  

Trump can begin steps to pull US out of Paris climate deal

Withdrawal would take a year, wouldn’t become official until at least the day after the 2020 presidential election.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 25, 2019  

We’re all in big trouble: Climate panel sees a dire future

Sea levels are rising faster as ice and snow shrink, and oceans are getting more acidic, losing oxygen.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 23, 2019  

UN chief urges action to make Earth carbon neutral by 2050

Heads of nations such as Finland and Germany promised to ban coal within a decade.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 16, 2019  

Testy exchange between Quebec immigration minister and UN rep

Jolin-Barrette denies saying refugees were a burden as province moves to reduce the number of newcomers.

News Food & Beverage General
July 2, 2019  

Cannabis use jumped 40% in Canada between 2013 and 2017: UN report

The increase in Canada during this time was more pronounced in adults aged 20 or older

News Government Manufacturing General
May 14, 2019  

Landmark UN plastic waste pact gets approved but not by US

Countries will have to monitor and track the movements of plastic waste outside their borders.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 30, 2019  

UN watchdog critical of delays with new Canadian corporate ethics ombud

Further legal review, due in June, assessing what the ombudsperson’s powers should be.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 26, 2019  

UN climate chief warns current path leads to ‘catastrophe’

She warns the world has 12 years until carbon emissions reach “a point of no return.”