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January 30, 2020  

Trump’s defence shifts to not ‘impeachable’ even if true

Republicans intently focused on bringing the impeachment trial to a vote of acquittal.

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December 19, 2019  

Trump impeached on charges of abuse of power, obstruction

Only the third US chief executive to be formally charged under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanours.

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December 17, 2019  

Democrats say impeachment case shows Trump deserves ouster

U.S. House will vote Wednesday on impeachment articles.

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December 10, 2019  

‘We must act;’ Democrats unveil Trump impeachment charges [UPDATED]

Trump says impeaching him would be “sheer Political Madness!”

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October 15, 2019  

Bolton calls Giuliani a ‘hand grenade’ in Ukraine controversy

Aide Fiona Hill detailed national security advisor’s concerns to lawmakers during impeachment probe session.

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October 7, 2019  

Second whistleblower may give fresh Trump-Ukraine information

Works in the intelligence field and has spoken to the intelligence community’s internal watchdog.

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September 30, 2019  

Kremlin hopes US wouldn’t release Trump Putin calls

Zakharova scoffs at Pelosi’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry based on the Ukrainian call.

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September 26, 2019  

What’s next now that Pelosi has launched impeachment inquiry

Six House committees investigating the Trump administration now under a new impeachment umbrella.

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May 23, 2018  

Cyber attack against Ukraine being prepped: US tech firm

Cisco said that at least 500,000 devices had been hijacked by malicious software dubbed VPNFilter.

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June 30, 2017  

Global cyber attack seems intent on havoc in Ukraine, not extortion

Hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin’s regime suspected; no direct evidence tying Russia to the attack.

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July 11, 2016  

Trudeau signs Canada-Ukraine free-trade agreement

Ukrainian officials hopeful agreement it will spark an influx of Canadian investment for their country’s struggling economy.

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June 3, 2015  

Canada suffers blowback from economic sanctions against Russia

Finance Minister Joe Oliver said he continues to support actions taken by US, Europe.

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March 17, 2015  

Dorel expects higher US dollar to strain profits

Manufacturer says it is feeling pressure because most of its profits come from outside North America.

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August 27, 2014  

German economic expectations collapse over conflict concerns

GfK institute survey suffers largest-ever decline in August over conflicts in Iraq, Israel and Ukraine.

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March 26, 2014  

Obama hints at gas exports with push for EU free trade

Points to the Ukraine and a need to reinforce energy security in Europe.

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January 25, 2013  

Shell, Ukraine sign 50 year natural gas agreement

Investment in the 50-50 partnership between Shell and Nadra Yuzivska LLC may reach $10 billion.