News Aerospace Manufacturing General
February 4, 2020  

Dash 8 joins federal marine surveillance program

The aircraft will be modified to detect oil spills, monitor ships and whale movements.

News Transportation General
June 27, 2019  

Transport Canada implements speed limits following death of another right whale

Feds will issue a fine of up to $25,000 to those who fail to follow the speed limit.

News Construction Transportation General
June 26, 2019  

Infrastructure bank gives Via $55M for work on multibillion dollar project

It is the first time the agency has handed out money without an expectation of repayment.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 11, 2018  

Canada sees info ‘gaps’ about dangerous goods moving through North

Study to improve readiness when it comes to movement of goods from explosives and flammable liquids to infectious substances.

News Manufacturing Transportation General
February 6, 2018  

MMA and former employees settle, fined $1.25M in Lac Megantic case

Found guilty of violating Quebec Fisheries Act after crude oil leaked into the Megantic Lake and Chaudiere River.

News Automotive Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Production
January 2, 2017  

Fiat Chrysler to recall 50,000 SUVs worldwide over engine stall issue

Affects about 3,400 Dodge Journey, Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot vehicles in Canada.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
November 1, 2016  

Cars made after May 2018 must have back up cameras

Transport Canada says requirement brings Canadian standards in line with those in the US.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
October 17, 2016  

US, Canada ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from airliners

Those who try to evade the US ban by packing the phones in checked luggage may be subject to criminal prosecution and fines

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Production Sustainability
December 29, 2015  

Transport Canada eyes more safety tests for VW amid emissions scandal

Automaker has admitted that more than 500,000 of its diesel vehicles are equipped with emissions-skirting software.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Technology
August 18, 2015  

Are Canada’s drone rules too permissive?

Experts argue Canada’s lax approach to regulating commercial drones is making it a global leader in the growing field.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
July 30, 2015  

Fiat Chrysler SUV, Ram buyback: Not in Canada

Shows gap in Canadian consumer protection: groups.

News Government Oil & Gas Transportation General Operations Production
March 13, 2015  

Shippers have until 2025 to upgrade rail cars

New transportation regulations build on standards voluntarily adopted by the industry in 2011.

News Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas Transportation General Operations Production
March 12, 2015  

Tougher oil tanker standards coming after string of derailments

Newest standards call for a hull thickness of 9/16th of an inch and makes thermal “jackets” mandatory.

News Government Oil & Gas Transportation Business Operations General Operations
November 11, 2014  

Conservatives cut transport safety spending…while touting safety

Transport Canada has cut marine safety spending by 27% since 2009-10; aviation and rail spending both down 20%.

News Transportation Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
January 10, 2014  

Feds quietly adopt new safety rules drafted by rail industry

New rules require that at least two crew work a train transporting dangerous material such as crude oil.

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Production Sustainability Technology
February 21, 2013  

Transport Canada certifies Pratt & Whitney’s CSeries engine

Engine-maker logs 4,000 hours of testing on Boeing 747 test plane to earn approval.

News Energy Oil & Gas Transportation Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
February 5, 2013  

Feds introduce pan-Canadian risk assessment study on marine safety

Study will analyze and evaluate risks of oil or chemical spills in Canadian waters involving ships or oil handling facilities