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October 20, 2020  

‘Toxic’ label will spur wake-up to impact of plastics on health: experts

… but challenges remain in definitively linking plastic or plastic particles to disease, cancer or other human health problems.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General
October 8, 2020  

Plastics industry says its products are not ‘toxic’, urges feds to rethink

Single-use plastic items will be banned because they are both harmful to the environment and difficult to recycle.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 27, 2020  

Next generation solar panels boost efficiency but may carry toxic risks

New technologies rely on nanomaterials that include toxic heavy metals like lead and cadmium.

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May 22, 2018  

Northern Pulp says no wastewater pipe to NS waterway, no mill

Company’s plan and spotty environmental record is creating tension in Pictou.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 27, 2017  

Mercury decline in seabirds due to diet, not emissions controls

Birds feeding on invertebrates and small fish have higher mercury levels than those eating large fish.

News Manufacturing General
June 14, 2017  

Uber CEO to take leave, leadership team to run company

Examination of toxic workplace culture leads to recommendation CEO be relieved of some leadership responsibilities.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 19, 2017  

EPA seeks to scuttle cleanup of coal power plant pollution

Also seeking to roll back tighter restrictions on pollution from coal mines.

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July 26, 2016  

Plastic bag producer accused of failing to report toxins

Environmental group claims reporting gap found while reviewing air quality permits

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August 14, 2015  

EPA tests reveal Colorado mine spill’s toxic stew

Meanwhile thousands of other abandoned mines leak.

News General Production
May 15, 2015  

DuPont cited for 11 violations in fatal toxic gas leak

Four workers were killed at La Porte works in Houston area.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 30, 2015  

Greenpeace warns of toxic waste at Hungarian plant

Cleanup of the defunct chemicals plant is months away.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Technology
February 20, 2014  

Japan nuke plant reports new leak of highly radioactive water

Leak more toxic than previous Fukushima Dai-ichi incidents; TEPCO says it’s contained.

News Operations Sustainability
February 6, 2014  

NC river fouled by toxic coal ash spill from Duke Energy pond

Regulators waiting on test results to determine if there’s a hazard to people or wildlife.

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July 30, 2013  

Scientists find floating masses of plastic bits in Great Lakes

Studies are underway to determine the impact of microplastics along the food chain.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
July 30, 2013  

Explosion at Chinese chemical plant fuels environmental concerns

Cracked hydrogen pipeline at factory producing toxic paraxylene triggered the fire.

News Chemicals Sustainability
February 7, 2012  

China environmental accidents on the rise

Environmental accidents are on the rise in China, mainly due to chemicals industry traffic and mishaps, and the costs of such damage to the economy are rising.