News Manufacturing General
August 16, 2016  

Too many new smartphone models made each year: survey

More than half of respondents from six countries would prefer to change their phones less frequently.

News Manufacturing General Technology
April 28, 2016  

Telus study finds Canadian businesses split on IoT plans

Nearly half have no plans to implement Internet of Things technology.

News Manufacturing General Technology
February 23, 2016  

Chinese phones push aside Apple, Samsung and go global

Cheap Android phones with not-so-cheap features aim for more budget-conscious customers.

News Manufacturing General
December 15, 2015  

Samsung wants $399M smartphone award tossed

Appealing to US Supreme Court over Apple patent dispute

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
September 2, 2015  

Malware targeting Android phones on the rise

German report says some handsets are infected at sale.

News Manufacturing General
June 10, 2015  

Storm failure a major blow to BlackBerry: Balsillie

Calls for more support aimed at developing Canada’s tech sector.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
May 28, 2015  

Apple, Android coming to your dashboard

GM to turn Chevy dashboards into smartphones; other automakers to follow.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Technology
May 25, 2015  

BlackBerry issues global layoff notices

Unspecified number will include those who made hardware and software.

News Manufacturing General
May 1, 2015  

UK has top internet economy in G20: BCG

The sector has overtaken manufacturing and retail.

News General Technology
April 9, 2015  

Samsung hopes ride on Galaxy S6 smartphone

Enhanced phones go on sale in 20 countries on Apri1 10.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
March 26, 2015  

EDC provides $191M for MDA satellite deal

Financing for construction of multi-mission Amazonas 5.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
March 10, 2015  

EU urges quick agreement on major investment plan

Major infrastructure projects will help kick start economies

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
March 9, 2015  

Com Dev posts Q1 loss of $11.6M

Cites currency hedging and other items.

News Manufacturing General Technology
January 15, 2015  

Samsung takeover of Blackberry: a logical combo?

Analysts say Blackberry’s technology and intellectual property make it attractive to Samsung.

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations General
January 8, 2015  

Social media and the distracted thinker

Internet devices are rewiring our brains, but not in a good way.