News Electronics General Technology
August 12, 2020  

Microsoft back in the smartphone business with its new Duo

Pitching it as a more useful tool than a conventional smartphone, enables users to multitask with two separate apps or web pages at a time.

News Manufacturing General Technology
August 11, 2020  

Circa acquires Calgary manufacturer of rugged wireless devices

Cloud-based software platform will be integrated with the Circa product line to provide remote monitoring with alarm and event notification.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
June 3, 2020  

Bell, Telus award 5G contracts to European firms, shutting out Huawei

Ottawa continues its review of Huawei’s role in Canada’s 5G networks over security concerns related to its relationship with China’s government.

News Manufacturing General
November 28, 2019  

CCTS says telecoms complaints surge on billing, contracts issues

CCTS recieved 19,287 complaints in the fiscal year ending July 31, up from the 14,272 the previous year.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
October 29, 2019  

China accuses US of ‘economic bullying’ over equipment ban

Agency is also exploring the impact of requiring companies to rip out their current Huawei and ZTE equipment.

News Electronics Government Manufacturing General
July 22, 2019  

Huawei Canada says it met federal Arctic 4G security requirements

Chinese telecom is waiting for a federal decision on supplying equipment for next-generation 5G wireless networks.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 11, 2019  

China mum on Trump Xi meeting as Huawei says sales slowing

Trump prepares to expand 25% tariffs to cover another US$300 billion of Chinese products.

News Electronics Government Manufacturing General Technology
June 6, 2019  

Huawei warns US would hurt itself by cutting off tech ties

Number 2 smartphone maker denies its products would be used for China’s cyberespionage.

News Government Manufacturing General
May 16, 2019  

China formally arrests 2 Canadians in case linked to Huawei

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the pair have been arrested for allegedly stealing state secrets.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 22, 2019  

China demands US withdraw request to extradite Huawei executive

Says the treaty with Canada infringed on the “safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.”

News Electronics General
December 11, 2018  

Huawei senior executive is not a threat to jump bail: lawyer assures court

The US wants Meng Wanzhou to face allegations of fraud related to the use of Huawei’s subsidiary Skycom to do business with Iranian telecom firms between 2009 and 2014.

News Government Manufacturing General
December 10, 2018  

BC trade trip to China cancelled over Meng detention

Chinese government warns Canada of “grave consequences” if she is not released.

News Government General
June 6, 2018  

Canada to hold key 5G spectrum auction in 2020: Innovation Minister Bains

Telecoms want auction sooner.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
May 8, 2018  

Canada’s wireless prices justified even if high by world standards: MEI

Think tank cites quality of the networks, size of the country, investments being made in 5G technology.

News Manufacturing General
April 16, 2018  

Rogers to test 5G tech in Ottawa, Toronto and other cities

Hardware and software development means networks won’t to be ready for “prime time” until about 2020.

News Manufacturing General
April 10, 2018  

Telecom complaints commission says wireless contracts the biggest irritation

Federal agency says it received 1,023 formal complaints from August to January.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
February 13, 2018  

Cabinet steps up security review of Chinese takeover of Aecon Group

Based on advice from national security agencies that there’s a potential injury to national security.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 24, 2016  

527 South Koreans to sue Samsung on Galaxy Note 7 recall

They want compensation for costs to visit shops to exchange their phones, delays and psychological harm.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
October 13, 2016  

Canadians can start returning their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Now Samsung must begin the process of winning back consumer confidence.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
October 11, 2016  

Turn off your Galaxy Note 7 and step away…

Samsung halts production of the smartphones as fresh problems emerge.

News Manufacturing General Technology
February 23, 2016  

Chinese phones push aside Apple, Samsung and go global

Cheap Android phones with not-so-cheap features aim for more budget-conscious customers.

News Electronics Manufacturing Operations
March 3, 2015  

‘Small number’ of Rogers’ business clients affected by security breach

Hacker was able to access business agreements containing names, addresses and phone numbers of business clients.

News General
December 16, 2014  

EDC provides $850M financing to Vodafone

Connection to generate business for Canadian telecom suppliers.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability Technology
June 19, 2014  

Ballard licenses fuel cell system to Chinese assembler

Telecom backup in China seen as a key growth driver for the fuel cell developer.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Sustainability Technology
June 5, 2013  

China criticizes EU duties on solar panels

Announces anti dumping probe of European wine in dumping squabble

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability
January 16, 2013  

Harting Canada appoints CEO

Company expected to build local sales and support structure in Ontario.

News Automotive Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability
November 7, 2012  

Three cleantech deals signed during India trade mission

Electrovaya, Prairie Pulp & Paper, Westport Innovations to contribute sustainable technologies.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
September 13, 2012  

China tech firms probed by US intelligence

Quest for more access to US market checked for possible security threat.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Production Sustainability Technology
August 17, 2012  

Ballard Power gets contract for 102 fuel cell power generation systems

The fuel cells are headed to Indonesia to provide back-up power generation in blackouts.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Sustainability
August 13, 2012  

X-Change closes in on $3M Guardian Telecom sale

Deal expands its product and service lines.

News General
December 2, 2010  

$1M Navy deal for Mitec

Mitec Telecom wins a $1 million Canadian Navy deal to provide radar system components.