News Automotive Operations
September 26, 2018  

Ford CEO says steel, aluminum tariffs will cost company US$1B

Automaker gets most of its metals from U.S. producers, which raised prices due to the tariffs this year.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General
September 11, 2018  

Canadian decision within weeks on steel safeguards: Bains

Government is looking at feedback from recent consultations on how to protect the industry from the risk of cheap steel imports.

News Food & Beverage General
August 30, 2018  

Campbell Soup plans to sell international, fresh units

Company faces potentially costly tariffs on aluminum and steel.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 22, 2018  

Trump tariffs having impact on the ground: Quebec finance minister

Concerned about a slowdown in private investment over uncertainty about ongoing access to the US market.

News Construction Government Manufacturing Metals General
August 14, 2018  

Feds to launch talks on safeguards to keep steel from flooding into Canada

Consultation period on safeguards will last for 15 days, decision will follow in a few weeks.

News Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

US tariffs expected to reduce Prairie sales of new farm equipment

Dealer expects rising prices for US-made equipment will steer more buyers to used equipment.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 7, 2018  

Tariff fallout: Reports show trade dispute affects companies

They’re concerned about how tariff-related activity, including reciprocal tariffs, will continue to affect their business: ISM

News Manufacturing Metals General
July 30, 2018  

US firms seeking Trump’s steel tariff waiver face a backlash

Companies risk being forced out of business if not excused from the 25% tariff.

News Economy General
July 24, 2018  

A quick look at some current Canada-US trade disputes

A list of the current trade battles that are occurring on numerous fronts.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 3, 2018  

Canada tariffs on US goods from ketchup to lawn mowers begin

Trudeau urged Canadians to “make their choices accordingly” in considering whether to buy American products.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 26, 2018  

Trade committee returns to Ottawa to talk about the pain of Trump tariffs

Four hours of testimony from representatives of metals and auto companies and their unionized workers.

News Government Manufacturing Metals Economy General
June 21, 2018  

US lawmakers rip Trump tariffs enacted in name of national security

Companies are feeling the fallout of higher metals prices and trade retaliation.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 14, 2018  

US senators seek to soothe relationship with Canada

Expressed concerns about Trump’s use of a national security waiver to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 14, 2018  

Canada US relations at a low after Trudeau Trump trade tiff

How the relationship has soured following broadsides from Trump Administration.

News Manufacturing Metals General
June 13, 2018  

US steel tariffs prompt ADF to impose work sharing at Quebec plant

Employees at its Terrebonne plant have seen their working hours cut 40% to 60%.