Feature Electronics Operations Technology
December 21, 2020  

Cyber threats are more abundant than ever

Here’s how you can help your organization prepare

News Government General
November 19, 2020  

Tory motion passes to demand government decision on Huawei, 5G

Motion says Canada needs to develop a robust plan to combat China’s growing foreign operations.

News Government General
November 12, 2020  

Biden moves forward without help from Trump’s intel team

The US president has not authorized the president-elect to lay eyes on the daily intelligence brief.

News Manufacturing General
October 14, 2020  

‘I’d be better off going after a bank’: Pot companies beef up security for Croptober

Cannabis is big business, and upgraded security infrastructure reflects that

News Manufacturing General
September 28, 2020  

Cybersecurity poll finds 84% rethink engaging with breached businesses

KPMG says organizations should take a harder look at the systems and protocols.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 8, 2020  

China launches initiative for global data security issues

Move comes with the US accusing Chinese technology companies of threatening American national security.

News Government General Technology
August 17, 2020  

Canada Revenue Agency suspends online services after cyber attacks

5,500 accounts targeted in what the federal government described as two “credential stuffing” schemes.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 27, 2020  

Trade, technology and security at risk in US China feud

Sharp deterioration in US-China ties poses risks to both countries and the rest of the world.

News Government General
July 2, 2020  

Pandemic can prepare us for future outbreaks and bioterrorism

How governments handle pandemics relies on co-operation from the public and across borders

News General
July 2, 2020  

Global security industry shifts to service-based solutions post-pandemic

Security markets across countries will recover at a different pace but the outlook is promising, finds Frost & Sullivan

News Manufacturing General
June 3, 2020  

Trudeau positions Canada as global recovery champion

Canada will partner with developing countries hardest hit by the pandemic to help to rally the world behind measures like debt relief.

News Electronics General
November 11, 2019  

Spy agencies must be transparent about new data crunching, analyst warns

By next year, some 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet.

News General
November 5, 2019  

Interac acquires Ottawa-based digital security company 2Keys

2Keys designs, develops and operates digital identity systems.

News Aerospace General
September 26, 2019  

NASA chief says security needed to explore space safely

U.S. and Japanese governments are expanding their security alliance into space amid China’s growing activity.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 19, 2019  

Pompeo to meet with Trudeau, Freeland ahead of G7 summit

Discussions will focus on Canada-US co-operation on various domestic and international issues.