News Aerospace Automotive Manufacturing General
October 22, 2020  

Can’t crush this: Beetle armour gives clues to tougher planes

Bug’s crush-resistant shell could teach scientists about designing stronger planes and buildings.

News General
July 6, 2020  

Scientists urge WHO to acknowledge virus can spread in air

UN health agency said it is aware of the article and is reviewing it with technical experts.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
June 2, 2020  

Iran scientist acquitted in US trade secrets case deported

Accused of stealing research from a project for the US Navy Office of Naval Research to create and produce anti-corrosive stainless steel.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 21, 2020  

Scientists cut peer review corners under pandemic pressure

There is concern weak preprints will still spread misinformation despite bad science being quickly called out.

News Manufacturing General
March 26, 2020  

Science summary: Novel coronavirus research around the globe

Recent research from peer-reviewed academic journals and scientific agencies tracks progress and developments.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
December 9, 2019  

Climate scientists try to cut their own carbon footprints

They’re limiting flying, consumption of meat and their overall carbon footprints to avoid adding to global warming.

News Government Manufacturing General
December 4, 2018  

Ottawa needs to listen harder to scientists on climate change: letter

No time for transitional economies, action needed within the next few years.

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 12, 2018  

More than 500 scientists demand improved pollution laws in Canada

Want changes to CEPA that put the onus on companies to show their products are safe before they’re put on the market.

News Manufacturing General
April 26, 2017  

Canadian inventors, scientists and engineers have changed the world

Canadian governments are trying to figure out how to foster innovation that will drive the 21st century economy.

News Energy Manufacturing General Technology
March 23, 2017  

German scientists test ‘artificial sun’ for ways to create hydrogen

Considered fuel of the future because it produces no carbon emissions when burned.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
April 12, 2016  

Ex US scientist sentenced in attempted cyber attack

Tried to insert a virus onto an Energy Department computer network.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
March 9, 2016  

Scientists want McKenna to reject ‘flawed’ LNG report

Letter to federal environment minister misrepresents impact on fish.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 24, 2016  

Scientists find cause of Takata air bag explosions

Inflator assembly doesn’t adequately prevent moisture from intruding in very humid conditions.

News General Technology
February 3, 2016  

Scientists to inject hydrogen in fusion device

Experiment emulates how the sun produces energy.

News General
March 25, 2014  

Climate change brings chance to build a better world: Scientists

Global warming experts write report detailing risks and opportunities.