News Oil & Gas General
September 17, 2019  

Saudi Arabian attacks linked to higher oil prices, spark energy stock rally

A weekend attack on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia caused the worst disruption to world supplies on record.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 7, 2019  

Trudeau pressed for update on Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia [UPDATED]

Review of the $15-billion LAV contract began last fall after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 2, 2019  

Conservatives, if elected, would work to restore ties with Saudi Arabia

Would focus on improving commercial ties and by offering more aid, development and refugee support in the Gulf region.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
July 9, 2019  

Saudi carrier cancels troubled Boeing 737 order for Airbus

Company said in April it has booked about $1 billion in charges related to fixing the plane.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
May 14, 2019  

Saudi Arabia says its oil infrastructure attacked by drones

Yemen’s Houthi rebels sending a message to the Sunni power, “…stop your aggression.”

News Government Manufacturing General
February 20, 2019  

Flynn pushed to share nuclear tech with Saudis: report

Concern Saudi Arabia could develop nuclear weapons if the US technology were transferred without proper safeguards.

News Construction Manufacturing General
January 31, 2019  

Two Canadian engineering giants are headed in starkly different directions

One is dialling back its expectations, the other growing by leaps and bounds.

News Construction General
January 29, 2019  

Saudi Arabia showcases US$53B in deals at conference

The Kingdom wants to build new airports and sea ports, metro lines and railways.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 29, 2019  

SNC Lavalin mulls retreat from Saudi Arabia amid deepening diplomatic row

The feud, plus problems with a mining project and an arbitration loss in Australia, hitting 2018 financial results.

News General
December 20, 2018  

Bombardier says business jets resistant to diplomatic skirmishes with China, Saudi

Business jets yield fatter margins than commercial planes; the Quebec manufacturer is staking its financial turnaround on the space.

News Government Manufacturing General
December 17, 2018  

General Dynamics says cancelling Saudi Arabian contract would cost billions

The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has called into question Canada’s business dealings with the Kingdom.

News Government General
November 22, 2018  

Freeland says Khashoggi case not closed; but Trump says facts may never be known

In the case of the murdered journalist, Canada will persist with its push for a transparent international investigation, says Foreign Affairs minister.

News Government General
November 15, 2018  

Trudeau says Canada wants Saudi answer on its role in Khashoggi killing

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder has strained an already tense relationship between Canada and the Kingdom.

News Oil & Gas General
November 13, 2018  

Abu Dhabi summit: Oil production cuts may be necessary

Trump’s sanctions on Iran are affecting the market.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
November 5, 2018  

Government urged to rein in Canadian Commercial Corporation on arms deals

Liberals are reviewing all future export permits for sales to Saudi Arabia in response to Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 14, 2018  

Canada continues diplomatic talks with Saudi, no resolution yet

Freeland still looking for more clarity from the Saudi government about the measures it is taking.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 14, 2018  

Saudi-Canada spat: Both countries are wrong

Riyadh’s move to freeze all business with Ottawa impacts opportunities for collaboration and investment.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 10, 2018  

Canada not considering retaliation against Saudis: Morneau

Kingdom has tried to sting Canada’s economy by halting future trade and investment deals.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 9, 2018  

Former diplomat urges Canada to stop conducting diplomacy via social media

Don’t use tweets to convey complex diplomatic messages where language and nuance are critically important.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 9, 2018  

Saudi official says Canada dispute won’t affect oil sales

Kingdom’s energy minister declares firm and longstanding policy that oil is not influenced by “political circumstances.”

News Government Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

Trudeau says Canada standing firm on Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses

An apology or a withdrawal of human rights concerns raised is not on the table.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

Saudi Arabia directing selloff of Canadian assets after Freeland criticism

Financial Times reports Saudi central bank, state pension funds instructed to dispose of Canadian equities, bond and cash.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 7, 2018  

Freeland defends Canada’s position in Saudi Arabia spat

Says it will always speak up for human rights as Saudi Arabia moves to freeze new trade deals; threaten Canada’s $15-billion arms deal.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
July 5, 2018  

NGOs demand independent probe into use of armoured vehicles in Saudi Arabia

They claim the Global Affairs Canada investigation into vehicles being used to commit human rights abuses was deeply flawed.