Event Manufacturing General Technology
January 16, 2020  

International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing (Cancelled)

The International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing (ICROSMA

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
June 24, 2019  

Quick change tools for robots

Perform operations previously not suitable for automation.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
March 26, 2019  

In ‘Killer Robots’ debate, Japan shuns fully automated arms

Opponents of fully automated systems fear that machines could one day conduct wars without human control.

News Electronics Government General
September 4, 2018  

Make robots pay taxes? Documents detail ideas to adapt to changing labour force

Feds faced with big labour challenges, dealing with increasing automation and gig economy.

News Construction Manufacturing General
April 23, 2018  

Construction robots weld, bolt, lift to beat worker shortage

If they work successfully, the robot will help reduce safety risks and long hours for construction workers.

News Manufacturing Minerals General Sustainability
January 31, 2018  

US officials consider robots to combat mine spills

Wastewater containing toxic heavy metals has been spewing from hundreds of inactive mines nationwide for decades.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Technology
April 22, 2017  

Is technology killing jobs? Relax, no doomsday scenario here

A C.D. Howe Institute report finds some industries’ occupations will be disrupted more than others.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production Technology
March 31, 2017  

Feds warned not to forget ‘killer robots’ amid AI push

Budget 2017 has committed $125-million to a pan-Canadian AI strategy.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
March 30, 2017  

Canadian, US policy makers view robot invasion differently

US feds shrug it off, Canada feds fret… so who’s right?

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations Production
March 20, 2017  

Federal budget will examine how machines are replacing workers

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has tasked an advisory council to study issues related to workers being replaced by technology.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
November 7, 2016  

Hudson’s Bay turns to robots to amp up e-commerce offering

Products that may have taken 2-1/2 hours to locate and ship should now be out of the warehouse within 15 minutes.

News Manufacturing General Technology
November 2, 2016  

Mexico taking US factory jobs? Blame robots and automation

Automation of US factories is a much bigger factor than foreign trade.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 24, 2016  

Robots at centre of China’s strategy to leapfrog rivals

Has set national goals of producing 100,000 industrial robots a year.

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 6, 2016  

Anti-robot project explores human relationship with technology in AI future

Wearable machine is the antithesis of the kind of robots that leading scientists have warned against.

News Manufacturing General Technology
June 15, 2016  

A robot may be doing your job in 10 to 20 years!

Report looks at the future of automation and what it means for Canadian jobs.