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December 22, 2020  

Hyundai to acquire Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is also entering the logistics automation market and will introduce a mobile robot for warehouses in 2021

News General
August 5, 2020  

Solaris adds to robotics offering with acquisition of Jetbrain

Jetbrain products include delivery robots that feature a secure and traceable chain of custody for medicines and blood products

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August 5, 2020  

Ex-Google exec sent to prison for stealing robocar secrets

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski helped steer Google’s self-driving car project before landing at Uber

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 7, 2020  

NGen invests $5M in manufacturing of disinfection robots

Disinfection Robot Challenge targets innovative robotic solutions that reduce healthcare exposure to COVID-19s, or disinfects facilities.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
July 2, 2020  

What’s new in robotics: Tech that enhances automated processes

Orders are up across North America as new products hit the market.

News Manufacturing General
January 7, 2020  

Kraken awarded contract to test SeaVision on underwater artifacts

System will be evaluated at a variety of archaeologically significant sites.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
December 4, 2019  

Digital twinning for PickMaster vision-guiding software

Tests robotic configurations on virtual production lines.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
November 28, 2019  

Nissan invests in production to prepare for electric age

Changes involve robotics and sensors to decrease physical stress on assembly-line workers.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
November 19, 2019  

AGT’s technology innovation of the year

Award goes to Quebec robotics company.

News General
September 10, 2019  

Shopify to buy fulfilment solutions company 6 River Systems for US$450M

Online retail platform says acquisition will give it access to fulfilment software and robotics.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
July 16, 2019  

People before robots while accelerating digitization

Three phases put robotic process automation in the hands of users.

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 9, 2019  

AI, robotics, automation unlikely to lead to mass job losses: Fraser Institute

Essay series contends new jobs will emerge as businesses and workers adapt.

News Manufacturing General
June 13, 2019  

Kraken gets $2.1M KATFISH contract from ThayerMahan

To be deployed as part of its SeaScout expeditionary system for seabed mapping and intelligence.

Event Manufacturing General
November 23, 2018  

A3 Business Forum

Presented by the Association for Advancing Automation, this annual

Event Manufacturing General Technology
September 18, 2018  

ATX Montreal

The Automation Technology Expo (ATX) Montreal showcases automation and

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September 1, 2017  

Man charged with trying to steal robotics firm trade secrets

Dual Chinese and Canadian citizen found trespassing at Medrobotics.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
August 2, 2017  

Reko invests $5.5 million for new manufacturing and innovation facility

40,000 square-foot facility expected to be completed by early next year.

News Manufacturing Transportation Business Operations General Operations Production
April 25, 2017  

GE deploys OTTO robots at Milwaukee medical manufacturing facility [VIDEO]

Self-driving vehicles transport medical equipment for quick delivery along assembly lines.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Technology
April 12, 2017  

Toyota introduces robotic leg brace to help paralyzed people walk

Gadget is to be worn on one leg at a time for patients severely paralyzed on one side of the body due to a stroke or other ailments.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production Technology
March 31, 2017  

Feds warned not to forget ‘killer robots’ amid AI push

Budget 2017 has committed $125-million to a pan-Canadian AI strategy.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 21, 2017  

Kraken gets $1.47M funding for underwater robotics

NRC-IRAP contribution will help develop a technology demonstration platform.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations Production
March 20, 2017  

Federal budget will examine how machines are replacing workers

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has tasked an advisory council to study issues related to workers being replaced by technology.

News Manufacturing General
February 21, 2017  

Canadian manufacturers lagging in advanced tech adoption

CME study shows 60% not using them as investment in machinery and equipment drops.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
November 7, 2016  

Hudson’s Bay turns to robots to amp up e-commerce offering

Products that may have taken 2-1/2 hours to locate and ship should now be out of the warehouse within 15 minutes.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 24, 2016  

Robots at centre of China’s strategy to leapfrog rivals

Has set national goals of producing 100,000 industrial robots a year.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 18, 2016  

That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot

Collaboration attempts to replace second human pilot in two-person flight crew with robot co-pilot.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Technology
August 25, 2016  

OTTO wins Gold Stevie in International Business Awards

Autonomous material transport robots take home prize for Best New Industrial Product.

News Manufacturing General
June 20, 2016  

Toyota’s US robotics boss promises results within 5 years

Safety features will be the first types of AI applications to appear in Toyota vehicles.

News Electronics Manufacturing Transportation Business Operations General Operations Production
April 21, 2016  

Clearpath provides GE Healthcare repair centre with self-driving vehicles

A fleet of OTTO self-driving vehicles will automate just-in-time parts delivery within Milwaukee facility.

News Manufacturing Transportation General Sustainability Technology
March 29, 2016  

Dominos unveils pizza delivery robot [VIDEO]

Autonomous robots can deliver pies within a 20 km radius without recharging.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
March 16, 2016  

Robotics expert says self-driving cars are not ready for deployment

Can’t handle bad weather, susceptible to hackers and can’t follow police directions.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
February 24, 2016  

Robot is fast, cuts cycle times

A reliable counterweight and mechanical springs counter balance the robot to shorten cycle times and improve accuracy.