News Energy General Sustainability Technology
December 8, 2020  

TransAlta acquires a stake in EMG and its wastewater technology

PurEffluent produces a biogas stream that can be used as fuel to generate electricity.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
October 23, 2020  

Biden calls for ‘transition’ from oil, GOP sees opening

Campaign’s climate plan calls for the US to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

News Energy General
September 8, 2020  

Cleaner LNG one answer to climate change crisis: O’Regan

Hinted at investments in the electrical grid and energy efficiency programs in federal green plan.

News Energy Manufacturing General
January 10, 2018  

CEAA starts assessments of Innergex’s proposed run of river projects in Alberta

Company proposes two 135-megawatt hydroelectric projects upstream from Fort McMurray, Alta.

News Energy Manufacturing General
December 21, 2017  

UNB researchers receive $4.3M to develop smart grid technology

Barbados project to focus on distributed energy resources,such as small-scale rooftop solar or wind systems.

Insight Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas Economy General
November 29, 2017  

Fossil fuels remain key to energy future: report

US is eager to grab new business, underscoring the urgent need to secure access to offshore markets.

News Energy Manufacturing General
June 6, 2017  

Wasted green power tests China’s energy leadership

Sprawling power grid unable to handle the influx of new electricity from wind and solar.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
June 1, 2017  

Renewable energy expected to continue growth, despite Trump

Coal-fired power plants are closing as governments, private companies invest billions in wind turbines and solar farms.

News Manufacturing Sustainability
May 11, 2017  

Telsa to sell solar roof tiles worldwide

US customers first, other countries next year.

News Energy Manufacturing General
May 3, 2017  

Two thirds of electricity in Canada now comes from renewable energy

Hydroelectricity accounts for 60% of all electricity in Canada, wind 4.4%, biomass 1.9% and solar 0.5%.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
April 10, 2017  

Massachusetts requests to carry Canadian renewable energy

Challenge will to get that power from Canadian utilities to US states.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 14, 2017  

Renewable energy 16.7% of European Union mix in 2015

National Energy Board pegs Canada at 65% of generation.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 5, 2017  

Israel harnessing sunshine with world’s tallest solar tower

Goal is to generate 10% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

News Energy Manufacturing General
October 25, 2016  

Plunging solar equipment prices fuel China trade complaints

China blamed for flooding export markets and depressing prices by propping up money-losing manufacturers.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
September 15, 2016  

Alberta NDP government sets 5,000 MW renewable power target

Cost of wind, solar and hydro to replace coal unknown, no details on how projects will be chosen.