News Minerals General
September 3, 2020  

EU unveils plan to secure rare earth materials, cut dependency

Need around 60 times more lithium and 15 times more cobalt for electric vehicle batteries and energy storage by 2050.

News Manufacturing General
May 25, 2020  

Manufacturers scramble to find raw materials for PPE

Supply of filters in N95 masks to the polypropylene used in isolation gowns in short supply.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
April 2, 2020  

Empty grocery shelves don’t mean we’re out of food

Currently seeing demand-based shortages, not supply-based shortages.

Event Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
November 1, 2016  

Design & Manufacturing Canada

Design & Manufacturing Canada will be the primary resource

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 20, 2016  

EU takes action against China at WTO over raw materials

Claims China imposes duties and quotas on 11 materials it exports to Europe.

News Manufacturing Economy General Operations Production
December 8, 2015  

Canada one of the top five countries most exposed to Chinese slowdown

Reliance on commodity exports makes Canada vulnerable as Chinese demand for oil, metals and other raw materials falls.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Sustainability
November 1, 2012  

Canadian business optimistic about US economy after vote: BMO

Performance of the US economy drops to 6th on list of biggest challenges for Canadian business, from #1 last year.

News Energy Business Operations Sustainability
March 6, 2012  

China cuts taxes to spur economic reform

Will reduce import duties on energy, raw materials and tax on business activities.